How to Make a Rainbow Windsock Step by Step

All you need is a few simple craft supplies for kids to have a blast creating these beautiful rainbow windsocks this spring.

How to Make a Rainbow Windsock

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Spring rains are the perfect time of year for children to learn about clouds and rainbows in preschool. Children will love making colorful rainbow wind fabric crafts after reading a book about rainbows, or after seeing a beautiful rainbow in the sky after a rain.

Children drawing large, fluffy clouds on their wind sock with large pomelos add a fun artistic element to this spring craft and that makes every child’s wind sock unique. look unique to it.

After making these colorful rainbow wind socks, hang them from the ceiling for display in the classroom or at home, or under a covered porch. Children will love watching the spring wind socks and rainbow zippers twirling in the afternoon breeze.

A children’s rainbow wind fabric craft lays flat on a pink background with rainbow bands oozing out from the bottom in different directions.

How to make beautiful rainbow wind socks

Read our simple step-by-step instructions below to see how easy it is to make a rainbow wind sock with your kids.

You’ll also want to make sure you watch our easy video tutorial inside this post before you start to guide you through the process.

Supplies needed to make a rainbow wind sock:

– light blue cardboard
– White paint
– clothes peg
– big pom-pom
– paper plate (for paint palette)
– crepe paper (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple)
– scissors
– glue
– Staples

Instructions for making Rainbow Wind

1. Start by attaching a large pom-pom to the clothespin to use it for the paintbrush. Simply open the clothespin, place the pom-pom inside the opening and then close the clothespin onto the pom-pom.

2. Pour some white paint onto a small paper plate. Dip the pom-pom brush into the white paint, then onto the light blue cardboard to start creating fluffy white clouds.

3. Continue to dip the pom-pom brush into the white paint and back to your paper to create some fluffy clouds all over your paper. As soon as you’re satisfied with your painted clouds, set the paper aside to let the paint dry completely.

4. Cut a piece of crepe paper about 18-24 inches long with the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Flip your cloud paper face down. Use glue to add glue to the bottom of the paper and place all six crepes along the bottom of your light blue cardstock in a rainbow pattern.

5. Bend your rainbow wind sock into a cylinder, connecting the ends together. Place two pins at the top and bottom of the sock to join the ends together. Adults will definitely need assistance with this step.

You can also try using a high strength glue to glue the sock together, but you will have to hold the ends together a bit.

6. Cut the length of the blue card strap 1 inch x 8 1/2 inches to make the handle of the wind sock. Add a generous amount of strength-strengthening glue to one end of the paper strip and attach it to the inside of the top of the wind sock. Add glue to the opposite end of the paper strip and attach it to the opposite end of the wind sock to create your handle.

Hang your rainbow wind sock outside and watch it dance in the spring breeze. Or display the sock indoors for a colorful spring decor.


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