How To Draw Jessica Rabbit Step by Step

How To Draw Jessica Rabbit easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How To Draw Jessica Rabbit

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by sketching Jessica’s face. Use a slicked back “S” shaped line to outline her hair. Use curved lines to form the forehead and chin. Connect them using a small “C” shaped line for the ears.

Step 2

Draw Jessica’s arm. Use pairs of curved and straight lines to draw the upper and lower arms, bent at the elbows. Notice how the lines converge near the elbow and wrist. Use a curved line for the palm and long, narrow “U” shaped lines for each finger.

Step 3

Starting at the ears and highest at the shoulders, use long, curvy lines to create Jessica’s bouncy hairstyle.

Step 4

Draw curved lines on the biceps to enclose the upper part of the glove. Draw a long and curved line down from the hair to outline the back and connect it to the wrist using a short curved line. Detail the contour of the back with a curved line. Use a curved line to trace the rounded triangular shape of the chest, visible in the front of the arms. Draw a curved line across it to indicate the top of the garment.

Step 5

Use pairs of curves to outline the upper and lower arms. Connect the lines at the wrist using a short, curved line.

Step 6

Extend a curved line down from each side of the waist to outline the shape of the dress.

Step 7

Use a pair of curved lines to outline the legs. The lines should meet at a point at the top, showing an incision in the skirt. Hug your feet by undoing the laces of your heels. Draw the shoe using s series of straight and curved lines.

Step 8

Use a long, curved line to enclose the flowing skirt part of the dress. Draw curved lines along the front and back of the garment to indicate creases in the material.

Step 9

Detail of Jessica’s face. Use three curved lines that meet in gentle points on each side to enclose the eyes and eyelids. Cover a round pupil in the eye. Use three lines to close the same mouth. Then, use short, curved lines to indicate the nose and eyebrows.

Step 10

Color Jessica Rabbit. She wears a red dress and purple gloves. She also has red hair.

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