How To Draw Jasmine Step by Step

How To Draw Jasmine easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw cartoons for beginners and kids.

How To Draw Jasmine

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

To get started with Jasmine, we will first need to draw a “V” shape that will be the bottom half of her head.

Step 2

Below, draw a large rectangle that will be the top half of her body.

Step 3

Connect Jasmine’s head and body to give her a neck. Draw a wide oval in the shape of an “S” that will be her legs. Her legs should be thinnest near the body and widest at the end.

Step 4

Repeat the previous process to draw Jasmine’s other leg hidden behind her first leg.
At this point, we can also draw Jasmine’s delicate arms extending from her neck, continuing to rest on top of her legs, as shown on the left.

Step 5

Now we can give Jasmine her hands. To keep her hands looking delicate, be sure to draw her fingers very thin and place one or two fingers away from the others.

Repeat the same step to give Jasmine her other arm and hand. We’ll also draw Jasmine’s feet and sandals just barely sticking out of her pants. As you can see, her sandals are very thin and curve up at the toe.

Step 6

We will draw Jasmine’s hair into two parts. The head section is a very large group of hair that surrounds the head, with two cuts across the top of the head to separate the forehead from the rest of the hair.

Step 7

To complete her hair, draw two large buns that extend down to Jasmine’s hips. As you can see, the bottom bunch of hair is twice as big as the middle one.

Step 8

We will now draw two diamond shapes for Jasmine’s eyes, as well as two very large triangular earrings on either side of her head.
Her nose was nothing more than a straight line running down the center of her face, and a few small dots on her nostrils.

Step 9

Draw the pupils of Jasmine’s eyes and make sure to give each pupil a small white highlight. Beneath her nose, bring out her small and slightly open mouth as highlighted in red.

Step 10

Draw Jasmine’s simple wide necklace to a small point in the center.
Jasmine’s shirt really looks like a tank top, nothing more than a simple strip of fabric around her arms and a large “M” around her chest.

Step 11

At this point, Jasmine is almost done. All that’s left to do is dress her up with a headband with a large oval jewel in the center and a hip “V” for her belt. Color and enjoy!

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