How to draw an Angelfish step by step

How to draw an Angelfish easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw a fish for kids and everyone.

How to draw an Angelfish step by step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

The Angelfish live underwater with large fins pointing up and down! But start by drawing your head. First create a small V-shape to the side for its mouth. Below that, draw a big curve to make his chin. On his mouth, make a long straight forehead.

Step 2

In the center, draw a circle for his eyes! The ankle has a circle in another circle, so create a slightly smaller circle inside the circle you drew.

Step 3

Now we can draw our first big fin! Draw a large upside down V connected to Angelfish’s forehead. Do not be afraid to make it a little doodles. The fins are always a little scribbled.

Step 4

Now let’s draw a little belly for the fish. At the bottom of your tiny belly, give Angelfish a long, thin fin that splits close to the bottom! Make sure it bends a bit!

Step 5

Next we will make the lower fins big! Make it a V-shaped, like the top fin. Make sure that the upper and lower fins do not touch each other, leaving the room to add fins later!

Step 6

Now for the two curves, so you can give your Angelfish a clear body! This can be done by adding two U-shapes. The upper right is a U-shape that is inclined, starting about half of the fin and ending towards the back. The right back is another inverted U-shaped that starts about halfway down the fin and finally points back.

Step 7

Next we draw the tail! It’s complicated, but it’s easy! The tail is shaped like an umbrella to the side. Make sure it’s curved at the top and bottom, with the lines in the middle following the curved shape of the fin.

Step 8

We’re almost done! Now your angel needs a small fin in the middle of its body. It is a few horizontal stripes, which are longer at the top. If you have trouble, try drawing a hand with closed fingers.

Step 9

Finally, we will add stripes to our Angelfish! Angelfish have stripes so they can blend with long, tall seaweeds. Try to make the stripes look like grass threads! And now you’re done, and you can color your Angelfish.


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