How to Draw a Kettle Step by Step

This tutorial shows an easy way to draw an electric kettle in six steps with detailed illustrated examples and short and simple instructions.

How to Draw a Kettle

The kettle in this example has a fairly basic design with parts that most electric kettle generally have. You can see the drawing steps for it in the image above.

Start the tutorial in pencil and make light lines that you can easily erase in case you make a mistake. You can darken them later on with a black pen or marker.

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1 – Draw an outline of the main body of the kettle

Start with an outline of the main part of the kettle (where the water is stored). Draw its upper shape with pretty much a continuous curve and make it wider at the bottom and narrower at the top.

Draw the bottom as a curved line as well with small rounded corners at the edges.

Step 2 – Add Snout

Out of the side of the kettle, add the muzzle, again as shown in the example. Make its bottom slightly curved and the top fairly flat. You can also make its tip just slightly rounded so it’s not too sharp.

Step 3 – Adding Handles

Facing the muzzle draw the handle. Make it quite tall and thick like in the example.

Step 4 – Add the Cap

At the top of the kettle there is an extra lid. First, draw a horizontal line representing the separation from its main body. Next, add a small handle to help lift the lid. You can just make it round like a sphere/circle.

Step 5 – Separate the background layer & complete the line drawing

Electric kettles usually have a separate section at the bottom. You can show this by first drawing a curve like in the example and then adding two similar lines above and below it.

This is to identify the thin plastic parts that are attached to the bottom of the kettle and the top of the base. Then draw a small oval in the center of the disc to indicate on/off.

Once done, add these sections traced across your drawing using a black pen, marker, or darker pencil lines.

Step 6 – Color the kettle

To color the kettle, make the metal parts light gray and the plastic parts dark gray or black. Make the power indicator small red. Since there’s so much gray, you can even color/shade the whole thing (excluding the power button) with a regular pencil creating darker parts by just pressing harder on it as you shade. .

You can also create a long accent for the kettle that runs along one side of the kettle (which curves slightly in the shape of the kettle) and a small rounded accent on the handle of the lid. Lightly trace these with a regular pencil before coloring/coloring the kettle. Then you can also lightly brush each of the highlights with gray so they don’t look too bright (especially the top of the lid’s handle).


The drawing of the kettle in this example is quite simple but at the same time certainly looks like what it is supposed to. By giving it a very characteristic shape of such devices along with the appropriateness, you can easily recognize that it is a metal electric kettle.


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