How to Draw a Blackberry Step by Step – Fruit Drawings

How to Draw a Blackberry easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw fruits for beginner and kids.

How to Draw a Blackberry Step by Step - Fruit Drawings

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Art easel & pencil

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

First, draw the rim of the raspberry in an asymmetrical circle with a slightly pointed bottom edge. It looks like a cross between a fir cone and an acorn. We hope that in the final step we’ll have something more palatable than both of these.

Step 2

In this step we will draw a stem and some pointed leaves around the cut. You can choose the number of leaves according to your preference. Don’t paint it too big. As you can see, our simple sketch gradually starts to look like a blueberry drawing.

Step 3

In the third step we will outline the contours of our berry pulp. The softness of the blackberry is formed by the round medicinal seeds. To make our berry drawings look realistic, we should draw the contours of these stone farms in random order. Don’t overdo the boldness of the lines, we will have to edit and supplement the drawings in the near future.

Step 4

We delete unwanted lines from the first step. And we draw the final contours of the drug rings. Don’t overdo it with the boldness of the lines, in the future we will have to fix and add the shape of the black berry, and the lines should be bright enough. We will get this berry if we get everything right:

Step 5

We put light shadows on our berries. A mildly scanned single line hatch should be placed on each drug. If the light falls from above, the shadow should fall over the segments of the raspberry from the bottom. In a similar way, you need to paint the shadow on the trunk and sepals, as it can be seen from our drawing.

If you could learn how to draw blackberries as well as the artists of, then our efforts have not been in vain. The biggest difficulty in this tutorial is applying the shadows correctly. There are a lot of them in this lesson, and they should be placed in the right places to create a realistic effect. Raspberries are really delicious. We painted some more attractive and fragrant berries. By the way, we want to reiterate once again that we are constantly creating a lot of content not only on the pages of, but also on the pages of our social networks. There, you’ll find lightened versions of our tutorials, informative of future lessons, and the various drawings and art we just publish on our social networks. Visit our website every day and you will find our latest and latest drawing lessons!

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