How to draw a raven easy step by step – Easy animals to draw for kids

How to draw a raven easy step by step for kids with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw step by step for children.

How to draw a Raven easy step by step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Beginners and children can refer to step-by-step instructions with a pencil:

Step 1

Start by drawing a medium sized oval in the top left corner of your article, about a quarter way down the page. This will be the crow’s head.

Step 2

Draw a larger oval connected to the first oval. The second oval should be tilted from the first image towards the bottom right corner. It will end in the middle of the page. This is the body of the crow.

Step 3

Connect two ovals with two slightly curved lines to form an antique.

Step 4

Sketch a long line from the right side of the large oval toward the bottom right corner of the page. Then draw a line parallel to this, starting at the bottom of the large oval. The second line should bend in the first direction, but they do not touch. This outlines the bird’s tail.

Step 5

To draw the wings, make a curve that starts in the middle of the top of the large oval and ends in the middle of the tail line on the right. Connect this to the bird’s back with another, a slightly curved curve.

Step 6

Next, add some more feathers. Do this by making the jaggies on the left side of the left neckline, at the bottom of the large oval, and connecting the two tail lines.

Step 7

You will now remove your tutorial lines. Eliminate parts of the oval between the neckline, within the boundaries of the wings, and on the jagged hairs on the stomach.

Step 8

Outline in the foot. Start by using two curves to form the front leg, allowing the ends of these lines to cross the line forming the stomach. Connect the lines at the bottom with a serrated line to represent the feathers. Use a curve and a jagged line to form the tip of the far foot. Then draw two straight lines that are almost straight and bend at the bottom to form the front legs. Repeat for hind legs.

Step 9

Draw the leg by starting with a wavy line below the foot. Connect the right third of this line with the foot using another wavy line, to form the back toe. From the toes, draw a short straight line and a curve in an almost triangular shape. This is the claw or claw. Extend a curve to the left from the front of the leg. This will form the middle finger. Draw another curve from the foot, connected to the previous line at two thirds of its length. Draw a third parallelogram below the first, slightly longer than the second. Draw a curved triangle at the end of the nearest to and middle toes. Connect the claws of the middle finger to the midpoint of the claw closer to a shorter curve.

Step 10

From the hind legs, draw a curve with a curved triangle on its nose. Connect the triangle to the top of the other leg with a small curve. Draw a curve and other triangles on top of this for the farthest toe. For the big toe, draw a small blunt triangle out from behind the ankles in front. Form the claw from another small triangle.

Step 11

To draw a mine, use three curves extending from the small oval. The lines should converge in one point. Connects to the right of the top and middle lines with a strong bend at the bottom.

Step 12

Delete the straight line of the mine and the curve crossing the front leg.

Step 13

Add dense fur to the stomach, upper legs, shoulders, face and beak. Lower leg structure with small horizontal lines.

Step 14

Use the swooping curve to add texture to the upper wing. Continue to add curly texture.

Step 15

Use five curves extending from the right wing to form the feather of the crow. Set three diagonal lines, parallel on the tail.

Step 16

Draw three sets of parallel curved lines to the upper wing structure. Draw eyes very close to the mine. Draw three circles in each other. Cover the middle ball.

Step 17

Color your raven in shades of black and gray.

Through the guide hope you can easily draw a raven.

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