How to Draw a Bunsen Burner

How to Draw a Bunsen Burner with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. You’ll learn the basics for drawing a classic piece of science equipment you’ll find in every classroom and laboratory!

How to Draw a Bunsen Burner

Please see Bunsen Burner drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to Bunsen Burner simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1. Create a barrel shape

Begin by drawing two vertical lines to outline the Bunsen burner barrel. Add a cylinder on top of the barrel to create a seal for the Bunsen burner.

Step 2. Draw the collar with the air hole

Near the base of the barrel, draw a cylinder for the collar. Then add an oval inside the collar to represent the vent. Make sure to delete any overlapping lines.

Step 3. Sketch the base

Draw the base of the Bunsen burner by creating a circle at the bottom of the barrel similar to the illustration.

Step 4. Attach the air duct

Now, draw two short horizontal lines at the base of the Bunsen burner, then attach a wavy shape to represent the gas pipe connected to the burner.

Step 5. Add flames

Then, draw a pointed shape on top of the Bunsen burner to outline the flame.

Step 6. Complete the Bunsen burner drawing

It’s time to make the Bunsen burner come alive with color! First, use orange and yellow crayons to color the fire. For the body of the Bunsen burner, use gray. Now, color the stoma with a black pencil. Then, use a red pencil to make the air duct and a blue pencil to make the base.

You can see more drawings:

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