How to Draw a Beaker Step by step

How to Draw a Beaker

Please see Beaker drawing tutorial in the video below

Step 1. Sketch the mouth

Begin by drawing an incomplete oval to form the outline of the rim of the cup.

Step 2. Create notch shape

Add a pointed shape to the rim of the cup to create a small notch.

Step 3. Draw the cup body

Draw the vertical stem of the cup with slightly curved edges.

Step 4. Sketch the liquid in the cup

Outline the liquid in the cup by drawing an oval.

Step 5. Add measurement marks

Draw short horizontal lines on the side of the cup to indicate the measuring marks.

Step 6. Complete the cup drawing

Let’s make your mug drawing come alive with color! Use a light blue pencil to color the glass part of the cup. Then, use a vibrant pink pencil to pour the liquid inside.

You can see more drawings:

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