How to Draw a Buck Deer Step by Step

How to Draw a Buck Deer easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw animals for beginners and kids.

How to Draw a Buck Deer

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Drawing a Buck deer (or baby deer) can look complicated, but is very easy if you take your time. Start by making the top, with a deep curve, a bit like a vase or pottery.

Step 2

Now draw two ovals on either side of the head, slightly upward for the ears. Now place two circles right next to the ears for the eyes. Now, add a fun bumpy shape like an oval with two rounded bumps near the top on either side to make the nose, just the bottom of the face.

Step 3

Now withdraw the gauze. Did you know, the only Deer boy with antlers? Skip this step if you want to draw a deer girl or a ‘Doe’.

Step 4

Below the left ear, draw an oblique line down and to the left that bends near the end to form part of the neck. Then draw a line starting from the right side of the deer’s face, and going down before curving down and to the left to make the chest.

Step 5

For the first leg and toenail, make a downward and leftward slant starting just above the line at the bottom of the chest. It will then curve down, slightly to the right at the bottom. Then, on the left side, draw a very slight curve at the top, before leaning down with a slight sway, to imply strong muscles in the legs. It will lean forward at the bottom and draw a line just above the bottom part of the leg that you made to create the nail.

Step 6

To draw the back and belly, start by creating a flat line starting at the nape and going to the left. Near the end there should be a small hump to imply a hip part. The abdomen should start with a line just behind the legs and go back. It should be short to make room for the other pins and slightly curved up.

Step 7

Let’s draw another leg behind that leg. It should be two lines slightly apart and almost together at the bottom, also curving slightly to the right. Then, draw a small line just above the bottom part of the leg for a manicure.

Step 8

The hind legs will be different from the front legs, it needs to be bigger for the antelope to be able to jump and run! Draw it with two lines. The first will start at the top of its belly, and curve down, and slightly forward! The second line should start very close to the antelope’s tail, and curve inward, before following the previous line down to the hooves. Make sure to add a small curved line just behind the Deer’s tail for the tail.

Step 9

The last leg will be directly to the right of the back leg you drew. It should be made up of two lines, one starting at the joint between the back and the leg and abdomen, the other starting from about the lower half of the ‘calf’ of the hind leg. These lines should first skew down and to the left, before moving to slant down and to the right. Near the bottom there should be a manicure line.

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