How to Draw a BMW X5 Step by Step || Car Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw a BMW X5 easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Car Drawing Tutorial for beginnrs and everyone.

How to Draw a BMW X5 Step by Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

As a first step, we always outline the main contours of the car. With the help of straight lines and very light, we outline the contours of the square body of the BMW X5. By the way, try not to press too hard on the pencil, as these lines will be deleted in the future.

Step 2

Now, let’s add the most basic details to our BMW X5 bodywork. Let’s start from the front, outlining the famous headlights and grille. After that, we sketched the windows and the rearview mirror. We conclude this lesson by scheduling the wheel and wheel arches.

Step 3

So let’s get started with the final details of our BMW X5. Let’s start with the famous separate grille, placed on all BMW company’s models. Next, draw the contour of the headlights and draw the BMW logo on the front of the hood.

Step 4

We continue to work with the front of the BMW X5. First let’s draw the contours of the bumper with the inlets and the fog lights. Next, go a little higher and carefully draw the contours of the hood.

Step 5

Continuing the lines of the hood draw the contours of the roof, go to the trunk. Next, carefully draw the contours of the window and the rearview mirror. By the way, don’t forget to get rid of unnecessary instructions drawn in the first steps.

Step 6

In this step we will finish drawing the body of our BMW X5. Continuing the window lines draw out the contours of the doors. Next outlining the handles, draw the lower border and decorative lines on the side surface of the body.

Step 7

Carefully draw the contours of the large wheels. Try to make them as smooth as possible. After drawing the rim. You can repeat the look of our rim or come up with your own design.

Step 8

Using the junction lines, draw the structure of the grille. Then add a bit of glare to the surface of the window. End the lesson on how to draw a BMW X5 by adding some shadows using the classic hatch.

We have tried to make this lesson as simple as possible so that both the young artist and the insurance staff can cope with it. What is your favorite car and what drawing lessons would you like to see on our website? Write us about it in the comments for this article or in our social networks.


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