How to draw a Beautiful Girl Face with Cap (Beanie)

How to draw a Beautiful Girl Face with Cap with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Girl Drawing Tutorial for beginners and for All.

How to draw a Beautiful Girl with Cap

Please see beautiful girl drawing tutorial in the video below

Beautiful Girl Face with Cap (Beanie) Drawing step by step

Step 1: Reference Image Selection

Choose a reference image that you find inspiring and suits your style. Make sure it clearly shows the girl’s face, beanie, and glasses.

Step 2: Basic Sketch

Begin by lightly sketching the basic shapes and proportions of the girl’s face. Pay attention to the placement of the eyes, nose, mouth, and the position of the beanie and glasses. Here’s a basic outline to follow:

The eyes should be slightly above the middle of the face.
The glasses should rest on the bridge of the nose.
The beanie should cover the top of the head and leave space for the hair.

Step 3: Facial Features

Refine the facial features:

Sketch the eyes, nose, and mouth with more detail, ensuring they align with the proportions of the face.
Draw the glasses, paying attention to the shape of the frames and the position of the lenses.
Add any additional details, such as eyebrows and eyelashes.

Step 4: Beanie

Draw the beanie:
Sketch the outline of the beanie, ensuring it fits comfortably on the girl’s head.
Add folds and wrinkles to give it a natural, fabric-like appearance.
Include a small section of the beanie hanging down in the back, which is typical of many beanies.
Step 5: Hair

Draw the girl’s hair:
Sketch the hair flowing out from under the beanie.
Add individual strands and texture to make it look more natural.
Pay attention to the direction of the hair and the way it interacts with the beanie.

Step 6: Shading

Start shading your drawing to add depth and dimension:

Identify the light source in your reference image and shade accordingly.
Use a blending tool or your finger to blend the shading for a smoother appearance.
Darken areas like the beanie and the frames of the glasses, as they may cast shadows on the face.

Step 7: Details and Refinement

Continue refining your drawing:
Add more detail to the eyes, such as the pupils and reflections on the glasses.
Enhance the features of the face, including the lips and any makeup.
Adjust the shading to create contrast and make certain areas stand out.

Step 8: Highlights and Final Touches

Add highlights and final touches:

Use an eraser or a white pencil to create highlights on the glasses, beanie, and other reflective surfaces.
Check your drawing for any necessary corrections or adjustments.

Step 9: Signature and Finishing

When you’re satisfied with your drawing, sign it discreetly in the corner.

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