How to draw a Anime Girl Face step by step | Anime girl sketch

How to draw a Anime Girl Face easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Anime drawing for beginners and everyone.

How to draw a Anime Girl Face step by step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step: 1 Draw the junction and Shape of the Anime Faces

How to draw anime face

So guys, now we have to draw the first two lines in there, they intersect. We have drawn these two lines so you can draw the shape of this Anime face. This is the first step in which you can draw very easily. I hope you all understand the first step.

Step: 2 Draw the shape of the ear

So friends, now you have to draw the shape of its ears. By the way, this is an anime face drawing, in this post we drew an anime girl, you will be able to see and understand this drawing. Look closely at the shape of the ear to see what it looks like, then draw the shape of the ear.

Step: 3 Draw the eyes and nose

How to draw anime face, How to draw anime girl, Anime Girl Face Drawing

So guys, now you have to draw its eyes and nose. You can make this drawing very easily, as long as you need to pay attention to a few things. So the first thing is if you are drawing this picture, then you have to move the pencil very lightly when starting.

Step: 4 Draw Lips and Darken the line

Guys, with this article, this step is very easy, you just have to draw lips. To draw the lips, you just need to draw a line. Now you have to darken some of the lines in there and by outlining you will be able to see in this step image.

Step: 5 Now Drawing Anime Face has been done

how to draw anime face

So friends, now this drawing is done completely, in this we just need to draw its hair. Hope you understand everything here.

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