Playground Drawing Step by Step

Playground Drawing with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Beginners and all can learn how to draw a playground by following the images in this basic guide.

Playground Drawing Step by Step

Please see Playground drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to Playground simple step by step drawing guide below

Step 1. Shape the beam of the seesaw

Start by drawing a thin rectangular board to form the rocking beam. Then, attach the handle near the top of the beam.

Step 2. Draw the base of the seesaw

Now, draw two U-shaped lines on each side of the beam as shown. Add a small circle to outline the screw. Make sure to remove the parts of the rocking beam that overlap the base.

Step 3. Sketch the swing frame

Create a thin outline of the swing frame.

Step 4. Attach the swing seat

First, draw the rectangle of the chair. Then, attach the seat to the swing frame by drawing vertical lines.

Step 5. Start drawing a slide

Let’s add a slide to our playground by drawing a thin curved shape.

Step 6. Create the center of the slide

Form the center of the slide by drawing a wavy line.

Step 7. Create the other side of the slide

Draw a wavy line as shown to form the other side of the slide.

Step 8. Draw the sliding scale

Form horizontal bars to attach sliding ladders.

Step 9. Complete the playground drawing

Let’s add some color to our fun playground! First, use a blue pen to color the swing frame and the middle part of the slide. Next, use a red pen to shade the edges of the slide and rocker legs. Now, use a yellow pencil to color the rocking chair, sliding scale, handle, and screws to the seesaw. Then, use a brown pen to color the seesaw bar and rope on the swing. Finally, use a light gray pencil to add some shadow. You can also add patches of grass using a green pencil.

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