How to Draw Sandslash from pokemon – Pokemon drawing

How to Draw Sandslash from pokemon step by step for kids with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. pokemon drawing and coloring for children.

How to Draw Sandslash from pokemon

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

What you will do first is draw the head of Sandslash. On the head of the head should be two spines, and two ears. Notice how the design looks on the bottom of the ear. As a guide, Sandslash is facing the right.

Step 2

Now draw a hair of Sandslash in the middle of the head. It’s like a guide. Then draw two curves near the eye area. Their eyes would be in their eyes.

Step 3

On the hairs you drew, draw a zigzag line on its left, and a curve to the right. Now moving on the eyes. Draw a half circle connected from the curve you drew the last step. Then add the light to his eyes.

Step 4

You have finished the head, now draw out the oval body of Sandslash. Make sure you can draw small neck pieces. Then paint the belly of Sandslash.

Step 5

Now draw a small circle in the middle of the body of Sandslash. Then draw the curved arm of Sandslash hooked from the shoulder. Near the ear should be the place where Sandslash’s arm should stay. They should not overlap, and on the lower arm, anything overlapping will be erased (highlighted in yellow).

Step 6

Now you have to draw the nail of Sandlash. On the left side there are two circles, like the ones followed by two blades. On the other hand should be two boxes like the label near the base. The blade should be stubborn while the nail behind it is covered.

Step 7

After drawing out Sandslash’s arm, draw a circle with the top and bottom being erased. It will go near the bottom of the body of Sandslash, then delete anything overlapping. Near the edge of the circle should connect to Sandlash’s arm.

Step 8

At your feet you have just painted. The left side is longer while the right side is fat.

Step 9

Similar to the fingernails of the hand, drawing out Sandslash’s toes, it is almost like doing the same step again, and only clearing out any overlaps.

Step 10

Now draw the tail and a hair next to his shoulders. For fur, remove any overlap. The tail and feathers are almost exactly the same thing.

Step 11

Now draw four spikes on the back of the Sandslash. When going from top to bottom, they will move from large to smaller.

Step 12

For Sandslash’s final step, draw two hairs on his left ear, and two strands in the middle of the bottom yarn you drew earlier.

Step 13

You’re done! Add color to Sandslash as in Pokemon

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