How to Draw Ron Weasley Easy

How to Draw Ron Weasley with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Learn to draw for beginners and kids.

How to Draw Ron Weasley

Please see Ron Weasley drawing tutorial in the video below

Ron Weasley Drawing Step by Step

If you like drawing famous characters, then you will love this lesson, because now you will learn how to draw Ron Weasley. This is one of the characters in the Harry Potter series of novels. According to the plot of the novel, Ron Weasley is Harry Potter’s best friend. Harry Potter has always counted on Ron’s help and support, and in all the adventures the friends acted together. Ron was very kind, honest and helpful.

Ron’s main hobby is playing chess. Ron has a high intellect and excellent mathematical abilities. Thanks to these qualities, he easily wins games of chess.

Ron was tall with a thin build and bright red hair. The teenager’s face is full of freckles, and this gives him a cute look. In this tutorial, Ron is shown in a chibi style so it doesn’t look out of the ordinary, but is also easily recognizable. Ron has thick hair, wears a dark suit, wears a scarf around his neck, and holds a magic wand. Try to accurately depict all the elements in this picture.

Step 1. Draw an oval for the face.
Draw a smooth, curved line to describe the lower contour of the face.

Step 2. Add the ear and face elements.
On the sides draw two small ears, add two round eyes, eyebrows and a small mouth.

Step 3. Draw the hair.
With the help of smooth curves, depict the lush hair on Ron’s head.

Step 4. Sketch the scarf.
Draw the small scarf below the head and immediately add horizontal stripes.

Step 5. Draw the upper body.
Description of the body is small and wide. One arm fits snugly against the body, and the other is raised.

Step 6. Draw the legs and paste.
Below the torso, add short legs and use a serrated line to draw the magic wand on the hand.

Step 7. Sketch the stand.
At the bottom, draw the stand, which consists of two parts.

Step 8. Add the rest of the element.
At the bottom of the artboard, add a small round element.

Step 9. Color the drawing.
In this tutorial you will need beige, pink, dark gray and purple.

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