How To Draw Minotaur Step by Step

Hello dear artists, lovers of fantasy and mythological genres. In this drawing lesson we will teach you how to draw minotaur. It was originally a monster from Crete, a man with the head of a bull, who lived in the Labyrinth and was slain by Theseus. But over time, minotaurs broke out of Greek mythology and began appearing in a variety of works, including fantasy books and computer games.

How To Draw Minotaur

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Here we start like in all other drawing lessons – with a man, made up of circles and lines. The main difference from the human figure here is that at this stage the head will be round rather than oval. The rest do the same thing as usual – outline the head and body in very light lines. In our example, the dinosaur is holding a battle ax and walking in our direction, but you can choose any other pose.

Step 2

Here we add volume to the minotaur figure. Use simple geometric shapes outlining the hands, torso, and legs. But first, outline the lines of symmetry of the face (the horizontal and vertical lines intersect at the center of the face) and outline a muzzle using a circle.

Step 3

Let’s add some detail to the minotaur’s face. On the sides of the head, outline the large horns and ears. Use the horizontal line on the face to draw the eyes and eyebrows. On the muzzle draw nostrils and mouth.

Step 4

Remove guides from the face. Draw the lines of the horns, ears and facial features. Add some wrinkles on the face. Also you can add some details, such as earrings.

Step 5

Here we draw the arms. Remove all guides from the arm. Draw the lines of the arms and lines of the muscles. Draw the hand, fingers and knuckles on the hand. Also in this step draw the battle ax.

Step 6

Draw large breasts. Draw some lines of the muscles on the pecs. Some lines on the body must be hairy, like in our example.

Step 7

Draw the lines of the legs. In all literature and computer games, minotaurs wear loincloths. Draw it like in our example. Note, the contours of the legs must be hairy.

Step 8

Draw the lines of the muscles. Draw fabric stripes on the shin. Draw the toes and nails. The same fur outlines we drew in the lesson on how to draw a werewolf.

Step 9

Here we add a drop shadow. First, determine the light source. The light in our example falls from our top right. So add shadow for the opposite side. With lines of light outline the contours of shadows. Then use the gloss paint bloom. Also draw shadows.

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