How To Draw George Washington Step by Step

How To Draw George Washington easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How To Draw George Washington

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

As we mentioned in this George Washington drawing tutorial introduction, drawing real people can be a challenge to get it right.

Luckily, George Washington has a visually distinct look, and that might make it a little easier.

To start, we will first outline his face. Using the reference image as a guide, you can use some curved lines to outline his hairline on the left side.

Then we’ll use some more curves for his forehead and face contour. To complete this outline for his head, we will then draw some more straight lines for his collar and shoulders.

Once this sketch is done, we can start drawing some more details for his face in the next few steps.

Step 2 – Now draw some details on his face

We’ll start drawing some facial features for your George Washington drawing in this next step.

First, we’re going to use a curved and slightly rough line for his hairline extending from the side of his collar, then up and around his face.

We’ll then use another curved line for the top edge of his collar, and then add another line above for his chin and jawline. The next aspect will be his eyes.

This can be the most difficult feature to draw, as the eyes are such an important part of how we define faces, and this makes them so true when drawing real people.

Do our best to reproduce the lines we used to draw his eyes in our example and also try to position them when they appear there.

Finally for this step, use some thick lines for the lines around his eyes. You can finish by drawing his nose before we continue.

Step 3 – Next, draw the mouth and other details

With the eyes and nose drawn, we can add some facial features in this step of the George Washington drawing tutorial.

We will start this third step by drawing his mouth. This should be a fairly simple aspect to draw and it can be added with some simple, thin lines.

Once the mouth is drawn, we will add some shading to his face. This detail can be drawn with some black shapes on either side of his face.

We’ll also draw some more lines for his shoulders before moving on.

Step 4 – Add some more shading in this step

This drawing by George Washington has begun to resemble the man himself! For this and the next steps of this tutorial, we will be adding more shading details to his hair and shoulders.

The first shadow that we will add will go at the base of the following hair.

Then we’ll add some shading to his shoulders and chest. Use some thick, curved shapes on these areas and try your best to reproduce them as shown in our reference image.

This will help create creases in the fabric of his clothes. Then in the next step we will work on the final details.

Step 5 – Add Final Strokes to Your George Washington Drawing

Before we add some color to this image, we have a few final touches to add to this step of our George Washington drawing tutorial.

First, we’ll add some texture to his hair. To do this, you can draw some curves and thickness near the sides and top of his hair to add some texture to them.

Finally, this painting will be finished with some curvilinear detail on his shirt to give it some extra folds. Once you’ve completed these details, you’ll be ready for the final step!

Before continuing, you can also draw some more details. A fun idea is to draw an outline of a dollar bill around him! What else can you think of to add to this image?

Step 6 – Finish your George Washington drawing with some color

Now it’s time to finish this drawing of George Washington with some color!

We’ve kept the colors a bit more realistic for our example image, but you can use any color you like to complete it.

If you’ve followed our suggestions on making this bill look like a dollar bill, you can use shades of green to make it look like that!

Your George Washington drawing is done!

We hope that you had a great time drawing this great man in our tutorial on how to draw George Washington!

This tutorial is designed to show you how you can draw such a recognizable person while looking like him and looking accurate.

Hopefully we have succeeded in this goal and that it has been fun and easy for you!

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