How to Draw Flies Step by Step

How to Draw Flies with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Insect drawing tutorial for beginners and all.

How to Draw Flies

Please see Flies drawing tutorial in the video below

Flies Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

First, before you want to draw a fly, it might be a useful addition, if you know, to its anatomy. The first four pages will talk about fly anatomy for the introduction.

Step 2

After his costume, you can now see him inside the anatomy. Now most importantly, when you draw them, just for the sake of hobby.

Step 3

Here you can see his/her head anatomy, you can see the difference. Well, it doesn’t matter if you draw them in a small size on your picture, but if you want to draw them in a larger size, that can help.

Step 4

And now, here are the flies in the upper corner. Now you can see how their wings fit their body.

Step 5

And now it’s just your choice which, which one you want to draw, here are some tips and typing for drawing a fly. How many forms can you believe, what did they have?

Step 6

Here are also some species for your drawing, you can see them clearly in the side view.

Step 7

And for the last sub-page, this is the life of flies, you can clearly see where they start, how they develop in their lives.

Step 8

Let’s start the “How to Draw Fly” section! Now, start drawing the baselines. This is very useful, allowing you to draw the basic shape of the body.

Step 9

For the first part, let’s draw the basic shape of his head!

Step 10

And now, draw his big eyes on top!

Step 11

Next step, draw his little “mouth” on the picture.

Step 12

And now, with some small lines, draw the details on his head and complete this part of the drawing.

Step 13

The next bigger step is to draw the basic shape of the “chest”.

Step 14

With some lines you can draw some details for the chest and this will be the finishing touch in this part of the drawing.

Step 15

And now, draw the next larger part, the “belly” base shape.

Step 16

With some small or larger details you can complete the adbomen part of his body.

Step 17

And now, here we are, legs. It looks hard to draw, but if you look at it this is only from 3 parts, and you don’t need to draw well, if you don’t want to be a perfect fly 🙂

Step 18

And the last part of the fly drawing is the most important part: the wings. You can clearly see how you can draw to fit your body. Since their wings are transparent, you don’t need to erase the lines on the body.

Step 19

You are done! Now go, and color him, as you like. I really enjoyed drawing this tutorial, I hope, you like it too. Well done, guys!

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