How to Draw an Angry Wolf

How to Draw an Angry Wolf with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginners and all.

How to Draw an Angry Wolf

Please see Angry Wolf drawing tutorial in the video below

Angry Wolf Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

First, this step is VERY important. DO NOT skip this step, as it will reduce your chances of correctly drawing a snarling wolf head. Try to derive these instructions as precisely as possible for continued success with your results.

Step 2

Then just start outlining the very short defined eyebrows and muzzle that will carry most of the tension. You’ll want to draw the nose short, similar to a heart shape to capture the perspective correctly. The mouth should be drawn with angles and shapes.

Step 3

Then, continuing with the muzzle detail, we will SMALL sketch weighted thin lines, to change the density of the stroke. With different line weights, you get a more interesting coordinate drawing.

Step 4

Nowadays, a lot of artists tend to paint the muzzle with THICK skin folds in the nasolabial folds. You should see no more than 3 or 4 rolls of skin folded at the tip of the muzzle; NO MORE then! Notice how the detail reaches the muzzle to make the muzzle appear raised and stretched.

Step 5

Then we will draw the upper lining of the teeth, using them as a frame. Then, at regular intervals, draw each tooth, like filling in the caps. This technique only applies if you draw the gum line before the teeth are formed.

Step 6

Ok, here’s another cool trick you can use in your future snarling wolf drawings. To successfully complete this look, you need to pay attention to the amount of exposed gums. Notice how the gums push the focus of the teeth toward the viewer? At the edge of your mouth, near the end cleft, you’ll want to make an incision in the skin to expose those teeth. When a dog has severe PO’d, you’ll see a LOT of pearly whites and pink gums.

Step 7

Now, we will slowly take this step at ease. I know it seems too complicated, but once you get each element in short count this should be very easy. Lightly outline the outline of the mouth first, before adding any teeth or tongue. Then outline the teeth, then the tongue.

Step 8

Then start outlining the shape of your chin and puffy cheeks. Now, people confuse it with drawing wolves, because of the difference in face shape between domestic dogs and wolves. A wolf has a LOT of puffy heads, they don’t have clear jaws. It seems so because they were born to survive the cold winters of Canada and other mountainous places.

Step 9

Sketch in the eyes, making sure that the distance between the brow creases is even. Use light pencil strokes to define the jaw. Since the face is tense, you will want to add sharp but subtle details of the facial bone structure.

Step 10

Using quick and bold strokes, detail the rest of the body, keeping an equal distance between the head and torso. Now, if you want to challenge yourself, draw the whole body the way you guessed it was made.

Step 11

With more detail you will have something very similar to this. Use a black ink pen or marker to perfect your lines, using different strokes precisely. You may need specific markers for this; research problems online.

Step 12

Now the finished drawing is colored in Photoshop. Use some Tool or Metallica to enhance your drawing experience! I had this live BLAST drawing session, thanks to all 120 viewers! Peace out and peeping love!

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