How to draw Boots easy Step by Step

How to draw Boots easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.


Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1:

In this step, we will outline the front of the boot. Take your pencil and sketch on paper. As shown below

Step 2:

In this step, we will draw several lines and different sizes of the rectangle. These boxes will look for bootstraps. The bottom line will look like the thick sole of the boot. The top line will provide the shape of the front of the boot.

Step 3:

In this step, we’ll draw a second shoe into your boot drawing to complete the shoe. Draw the shape of the boot as you did earlier. The difference in this step will be adding the entire shape of its thick base. Be focused! We are almost there.

Step 4:

This is step 4 of our tutorial on how to draw boots. We will draw rectangles of different sizes on the second shoe to create the shape of the bootstraps. That’s exactly what you did in Step 2. Draw an oval line below the top line of the boot shape. It will look like the part where you put your foot in the boot.

Step 5:

So kids, this is the last step of our easy boot drawing tutorial. In this step we will finish our drawing with color. Take your colors and fill in your drawing. Use the same color on the sole and the part where you put your foot in the shoe. Use pops of color on the straps of the boots. Then fill the rest of the drawing with brown or any other suitable color. There are many types of boots on the market with different colors. However, always choose colors that will give your drawing a chic and graceful look.


So kids, it’s all about drawing boots. I hope you enjoyed and learned through our easy drawing tutorials. Now you very know how to draw boots. Now, how much effort have you put into your drawing. Drawing is a fun and quality time activity. It increases your ability to learn new things. Practice consistently, using the right colors and adding extra details to your drawing. It will improve your ability to draw something. So keep drawing, and if you need any help with your drawing, keep visiting our website.

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