How to Draw Anime Eyes step by step and easy

Learn How to Draw Anime Eyes step by step for kids with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

How to draw anime eyes

Please see interesting and detailed drawing instructions in the video below

You can refer to the drawing tutorial below

Step 1

Draw the shape of the eye
One particular feature of anime eyes is that they are often larger and wider than real eyes; So that’s how we’re going to draw them.

Eyes should be apart enough that you can fit a third eye in the middle.

For a normal expression iris paint is slightly covered by the top eyelid while just touching the bottom eyelid. Draw eyebrows gently on the eyes in a smooth curve.

When drawing different expressions, the shape and position of the eyebrows and their position may vary.

Step 2

Drawing Students and Reflections
Drawing students in the middle of the iris.

The location of the reflex will depend on the location of the viewer. There may also be many reflections depending on how much light is available. In this case we have two. One for primary light source and one secondary light source.

For example, if you are drawing a character standing outside on a sunny day, the main reflection in the eye can be caused by the sun, while the sub can be from the sun reflecting another object.

Step 3

Fill in the Details
In the eyes normal puppies are usually darker then the iris and the reflections are lighter.

Step 4

The other side painted the same. So you can easily draw anime eyes

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