How to draw a WINE GLASS step by step

How to draw a WINE GLASS step by step with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Drawing and coloring for kids.

How to draw a WINE GLASS for kids

Please see the detailed instructions in the video

You can refer to the drawing tutorial below

Step 1

The first thing you draw an oval. You will get a number that will be similar to the egg. You should draw this picture as accurately as possible.

Step 2

Then draw a vertical line that extends from the center of the bottom of the oval. At the bottom of the line draw a flat election, as in our sample.

Step 3

Now we outline the contours of the glass trunk. It should be elegant. At the top of the oval ellipse.

Step 4

This is the simplest step. Just delete the rule, make all the lines smooth and you’ll get something like this:

Step 5

At the end, add some shadows and stand out on a glass of wine. As we said, to find out any inaccuracies, look at him through the mirror. And remember to add the color of the wine glass to make it stand out

This is a tutorial on how to draw a glass of wine. We hope you like this drawing lesson. We think it is very simple.

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