How to Draw An Explosion Step by Step

How to Draw An Explosion easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw step by step for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw An Explosion

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

For this tutorial on how to draw a starter explosion, we will start with the top of the explosion.

To do this, you will draw some bumpy lines following the curve to create this effect. For now, there will be a gap at the bottom and a small gap on the left, but we’ll be filling those gaps soon.

Once you have drawn these elements then you are ready for step 2.

Step 2 – Draw the thin center of the explosion

For this part of the explosion drawing, you will draw the thin central ‘column’ of the explosion. First, you can draw a curve that comes down from the left side of the explosion.

While you’re at it, you can also draw a small curved line in the empty space you’ve left on the left side of the top cloud.

You can then draw a curved line going down to the right, but this time you’ll leave a medium-sized gap near the end of the line.

Step 3 – Add the base and some details inside

We will add a base and some more details in this step of the tutorial on how to draw an explosion.

First, you can draw a line at the bottom of the drawing. Then you can draw some more bumpy lines to create a cloud at the bottom of the explosion.

This cloud will also pass through the center column of the explosion, as shown in our reference image.

You can also add some bumpy lines at the top of the inner column of the explosion as you can see in our image.

Step 4 – Continue adding some more interesting details in this step

This step along with some subsequent steps will be adding some great final details to your blast drawing to complete it.

You can now draw some more bumpy lines on the inside of the top of the explosion and extending from the sides of the column.

You can then use some curves going around the top of the explosion for a great effect.

Step 5 – Draw some fragments in this next step

When there is an explosion, debris will fly in all directions and we will draw those fragments in this step of the tutorial on how to draw an explosion.

One of these shards will fill the space you left on the right hand side of the center column of the explosion.

To draw the rest, just add some irregular shapes flying out from the center of the explosion.

We added four bits of debris, but you can add more or less depending on your preference, and you can also change the position a bit.

Step 6 – Now, draw some final details

Your blast drawing is now almost done and we just need a few more details before it’s done.

First, you can draw some upward lines inside the center column, extending from the base.

Then you can add some long jagged lines extending down from the top of the explosion’s head. Some bumpy lines inside the explosion will also help build this effect.

Finally, there are some details you can add around the explosion. First, draw some lines going outward from the bottom of the explosion as shown in our reference image.

It will then be finished with some sharper shapes extending outward with some smaller splinters for good measure.

Technically, that should complete this drawing, but make sure to add any details of your own that you’d like.

Maybe you could draw someone significantly running away from the explosion to make this look like a real action scene!

Step 7 – Finish your boom drawing with some color

This picture already looks incredible, but you can make it look even better in this final step of the how to draw an explosion tutorial! To this you can add some nice colors to really bring this picture to life.

In our example image, we’ve used colors like red, orange, and yellow to make this explosion look pop and hot!

You can use similar colors for your own flare, but feel free to combine any colors you want.

Using mediums like acrylic paint or crayons will give this picture a bright comic style.

While things like watercolors or crayons will create a softer and more classic look. What colors and art mediums will you use to complete this explosive drawing of yours?

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