How to draw a Girl with Short hair || Beautiful Girl Drawing

How to draw a Girl with Short hair by pencil with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Beautiful Girl Drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to draw a Girl with Short hair

Please see Girl with Short hair drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to Girl with Short hair simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1 – Draw the head

Start drawing by sketching out the entire shape of the head (including the ears). Doing so will give you a better estimate of the volume of your hair. It can also help you avoid making mistakes.

Step 2 – Draw the hairline

Some distance forming the top of the head draws the hairline. This is again to help avoid any potential mistakes like having gaps between different clumps of hair going too far on the head.

Step 3 – Draw the outline of the hair

On top of the drawing, add an outline of the main hair shape/shape. At this stage, don’t worry about picking up small clumps of hair, but instead focus on the overall volume and large shape that defines the hairstyle.

Moderately long hair like in this example will tend to “hug” the face. Meaning it will curve towards China it goes down.

To prevent your drawing from becoming too messy, erase the parts of your head that are covered by the hair once you’re done. You can also erase the hairline.

Step 4 – Add some details

Gradually add small folds and clumps of hair to better define the shape of the hair. You can erase parts of the border from the previous step if needed.

Step 5 – Finish Line Drawing

You should end up with a line drawing with the same amount of fine detail as the example above.

Step 6 – Start Shading

All of the examples in this tutorial will use fairly general lighting without a particularly strong unidirectional light source.

The main goal of this step is to apply an initial layer of shade that will define the bright, medium, and dark areas of the hair.

Try and work the shadows in such a way that they flow along different clumps and folds. Also, try and keep your strokes somewhat visible (don’t blend them too much) to animate each strand of hair as you shade.

Be careful not to press too hard on the pencil as you will want to gradually apply the shadows to avoid mistakes like making the midtones (light gray) too dark compared to the shadows.

Step 7 – Enhance the Gloss

Fine-tune shading by creating smoother gradients between mid, light, and “shadow” areas of the hair. You can also make the shadow areas a bit darker.

Step 8 – Finish Drawing Hair

Darken the overall drawing until you have created a good balance between the different areas of the hair. Make sure to keep the strokes in light and medium tones visible by leaving some space between them.

Once done, you can do some quick pencil strokes on top of the different clumps of hair to create the shape of each strand. Do this first by pressing harder on the pencil and then quickly pulling it out of the paper. These substances can make hair softer and more natural looking.

Step 9 – Perfecting the face

Complete the girl’s pretty face by drawing her eyes, nose, and mouth

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