Flowers drawing – How to draw Cherry Blossom for kids

How to draw Cherry Blossom step by step for kids

Cherry is one of the most beautiful flowers, you are no stranger to the flowers. Today I will guide you to draw flowers in a simple and beautiful way, you can also drop the creativity into your work.

How to draw Cherry Blossom for kids

Let’s take a look at the detailed directions in the video

You can also follow the drawing steps below

Step 1

We will draw cherry blossoms on a thick cherry tree branch. You will start by creating a center circle like so, and then drawing five lines of branching ripples from the center shape.

Step 2

Next, draw the five flowers hatched in such a boxy square. This is the cherry blossom.


Next, paint in the branches of lush, flowering blooming buds, and then sketch in some of the surrounding foliage.
Finally, draw three petals closed so, and start to create more flowers, so the shape of beautiful cherry flowers according to your creativity.

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