Cute animals drawing – how to draw a cute dog

How to draw a cute cartoon dog step by step for kids

Learn to draw cute dogs in very simple steps. Make animals interesting and cute by drawing dogs. If we draw the first cute animal the animals we draw will be dogs and cats. Following this tutorial hope you will have more creative for yourself.

How to draw a cute cartoon dog

Please see the detailed instructions in the video.

You can view the simple steps guide:

Step 1

First we draw the nose with a large black dot, from which draw the upper edge of the dog, three dots on each side.

Step 2

Draw a cute laughing mouth, the ticket to the two large eyes right above the small black heart inside. Draw the dog’s head by adding a pair of ears.

Step 3

Next, draw a necklace for the dog. on the neck with big thorns

Step 4

Finish the dog body with the standing posture. Draw four large legs and a small tail in the back.

Step 5

Complete the cartoon dog and color it to your liking. Here I paint a brown dog with a red necklace

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