Dog and cat drawing – How to draw cute cartoon dog and cat

Learn How to draw cute cartoon dog and cat step by step easy. Dogs and cats are two lovely pets in the house, today we draw it together in a cute cartoon style. Certainly children will be very interesting with this drawing.

Draw animals coloring pages - How to draw cute dog and cat

Let’s take a look at the detailed drawing instructions in the video

Some note

In this video, you are going to take a step closer to drawing dog and cat, So I’ll just take note of some of the differences between dog and cat.

Basically cartoon dogs and cats are nearly identical. The cat’s legs are smaller and more flexible, the dog’s legs are bigger and firmer.

Especially cats have pointed ears and upward, and dogs with big ears and face down. Remember that cats with mustaches characteristic of dogs are almost none. Dogs have larger and longer nets.

After you have watched the video, you can draw on your favorite drawings. The colors you can color your preferences make the cartoon dog and cat cute.

Wish you can draw the dog and cat cute and creative. Thanks!


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