Todoroki Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Todoroki Drawing easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw anime for beginners and everyone.

How to draw Todoroki

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step: 1 Draw a circle

So guys this is the first step to draw this shoto todoroki drawing. Shoto todoroki is also known as single-sense shoto. An only child who inherited both Endeavor and Rei’s quirks, Shoto was mostly separated from his siblings. Now let’s go back to the step in this step, we drew a big circle for the todoroki’s face which you can get the help of the compass.

Step: 2 Draw the intersecting lines

So you guys here is the second step to draw this picture in this step you must first draw a vertical line passing through the center after drawing this line you have to draw a horizontal line passing from just a few minutes below the center. cm. of the circle and below this horizontal line you have to draw another horizontal line just a few centimeters below it that doesn’t take too much distance (todoroki drawing).

Step: 3 Draw the shape of the head and ears

This is the third step of this todoroki drawing, in this drawing you have to draw the rough part of the ear, the chin part and some nice rough parts for the eyes and nose.

So let’s start one by one first do the chin part to create the chin part starting from the vertical half point on the boundary (perimeter) of the circle from both points draw the chin shape as shown in the picture. above. After drawing this chin shape on both sides, you must draw the rough shape of this character’s ears.

Step: 4 Draw eyes

This is the fourth step for this todoroki drawing, in this step we will draw the eyes of todoroki. So to draw eyes draw outline of both eyes after drawing contour you have to draw circle in both eyes the circle should be more than semicircle but smaller than whole circle after drawing you have to draw dots bold in both. circle drawn in the eye after dot you have to shape both of your eyebrows.

Step: 5 Draw Fur, Nose and Lips

So guys this is the fifth step to draw this todoroki drawing. As you drew the eyes, draw the eyebrows in the previous step in this step we will draw this character’s messy hair and you have to make his sad face. His hair is a bit messy but they are pretty easy to draw, you just have to create the grass as a projection for his strands and you have to separate the hairs in the middle by drawing a curved wavy line like you have aboul can be seen in the image accompanying this step.

Step: 6 Draw Todoroki’s skirt

So guys here is the 6th or last step 2 to draw this todoroki drawing we have completed the drawing more than half in this step you have to create the body structure of todoroki so first you guys have to draw thin neck after that. you have to make the collar of the cloth or coat he’s wearing should make his ankles fit if his shoulders are properly pointing down, not just make them horizontal but must bend downwards.

Step: 7 Todoroki drawings made

So guys this is the seventh and final step to draw this todoroki drawing in this step your drawing mostly makes you just shading the drawing which you can color instead it’s up to you and you have to outline the drawing with a black sketch. After shading or coloring your drawing is done. Please help with attached pictures for each step. I hope you enjoy drawing this Shoti Todoroki character.

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