Realistic Black Panther Drawing with Pencil

Realistic Black Panther Drawing by Pencil with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginners and All.

Realistic Black Panther Drawing

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

The first is the first. Go ahead and choose your pencils. I use an H pencil for sketching, a B pencil for shading/lines, and a 7B pencil for shadows.

Step 2

Start with a simple basic sketch. Use the instructions if you need to.

Step 3

Your sketch might look like this after you’ve erased the unnecessary lines.

Step 4

Start adding more details to your sketch using the same pencil (for me, the letter H). Start around the eyes.

Step 5

Outline the ears and forehead hairs. Pay attention to the flow of the feathers.

Step 6

Continue working your way down the face with your sketch.

Step 7

Complete the face outline.

Step 8

There is rough shade in the body coat.

Step 9

Use the 7B pencil to lightly and roughly sketch in the background.

Step 10

Smooth out your shade with a blended stump or a cloth.

Step 11

Start creating shadows by shading with the 7B pencil then blend it around the eye area.

Step 12

Use the 7B and B pencils. Press lightly with the 7B pencil and emphasize with the B pencil. Remember the flow of the bristles when you shade. Then shade about the top half of the drawing with the 7B pencil.

Step 13

Shade in the top half using pencils B and 7B again. Then go ahead and shade and blend on the next part of the head.

Step 14

Apply the shadow down to the nose then blend and blend over the rest of the face. Remove some beard from your cheeks.

Step 15

Develop your shade around the mouth a little more. No need to go into too much detail. Then use the 7B pencil to shade the upper body.

Step 16

Now it’s time to start cleaning your shadows and details. Start by smoothing your background some more by adding some layers with a 7B pencil then smooth them with a blend stump or paper towel. After that, start cleaning the shade on the leopard from the eyes upwards.

Step 17

Go down to the leopard’s head. Start detailing the individual whiskers. Sketch them with a pencil B.

Step 18

Use a 7B pencil to brush through the bristles until smooth. Then use pencil B to shade again. Make sure to make your lines follow the flow of the feathers you originally sketched.

Step 19

Finalize the drawing by reviewing your shadows and details. I was having trouble scanning this drawing due to all the graphite glare caused. The amount of glare you get really depends on the type of paper and pencil you’re using. So don’t worry if your drawing doesn’t look like this from multiple perspectives. As always comments and questions are always welcome!

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