How to draw Loki step by step

How to draw Loki easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Learn to draw step by step for kids and everyone.

how to draw loki step by step

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

First, we sketch the stickman – we draw this stick and circle shape to represent Loki’s basic proportions, his pose and position on the paper. Here are the main features of the male body shape – height equal to the sum of the height of 7.5 heads, shoulders much wider than pelvis, and arms reaching about midway between the waist and knee joints.

As you can see, we draw the head, using an oval, and draw the rest of the body using simple lines.

Our regular readers may have noticed that every drawing lesson about us people begins with a stickman. Even the practical lessons, such as how to draw the Doctor, starting with the stickman, are very similar to the early stages of drawing lessons about superheroes.

Step 2

Mark Loki’s head – draw a symmetrical vertical line of the face and horizontal lines of the eyes and mouth. Focusing on them, draw long and curved horns. Then we go down, draw a short cylinder of the neck. Under the neck we outline the body. Then – the arm, which is divided into the shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm and hand.

The torso is markedly narrow due to the broad chest and back muscles, as well as the narrow waist. However, there the shape is not like the hourglass as shown by the girls. Draw the pelvis in the triangle. Draw legs, similar to long and curved cylinders. Legs are expanding in the thigh and calf areas, and tapering in the knee and ankle areas.
how to draw loki step by step

Step 3

We sketch a long, twisted ribbon in three places on Loki’s helmet. Sketch the elements of the giant armor, which rests on the shoulders. Just below the knee draw the tick of the boot. Also in this step we draw Loki’s cloak, don’t forget to draw more folds at the edges, expanding gradually to the bottom. By the way, not so long ago we drew another cape lover – Darth Vader.

Step 4

Using markers from previous stages, draw the features of the face. It must be said that the contours of the face were no different from those of an ordinary human face, with a sly smile. By the way, note one feature – Loki in stories and myths does not have a beard, which is quite strange for Scandinavians.

Step 5

Now draw Loki’s helmet. Note the front plate in the shape of V – from this place the horns begin. Don’t forget to remove the extra principles on Loki’s head and face.

Step 6

Using the preset lines, draw the neck and jagged pattern in the collar area. Erase excess guide lines from the neck and cauldron, and draw the lugs yourself. Loki’s armor doesn’t look heavy, like a knight’s armor, they seem easy and plastic.

Step 7

Using the markings from the previous steps, outline the clearly defined pectoral muscles, outline the oblique muscles, and draw a pattern of stretching along the entire body. Then erase all guides and strokes and outline the body, using clear, confident lines.

Step 8

Draw the arms. Carefully erase the guides from the arm and circle the lines of the muscle. Draw stripes on the wrist, using short lines. At the end of this step, draw the hands.

Step 9

Draw smoke coming from the index finger of Loki’s left hand. Then draw the long part of the garment on the hips.

Next – legs. It seems like there are a lot of short strokes, which can be confusing, but it is not. At first, outline the contours of the thighs and knees, then use a few strokes to outline the calf muscles. Erase the guides from the legs, outline the lines of the muscles. Then, draw lapels on the boots, creases on the toes of the boots, and horizontal bands in the lower leg area.

Step 10

More shadows for our Loki. As you can see, our current drawing is a classic example of the comic style, i.e. the shadows will be contrasting and have a bright black color. It is best to draw the shadow in two steps – first outline the outline of the shadow, then draw the shadow areas. To draw halftones, use hyphens.

It was a drawing lesson in which we told you how to draw Loki. It’s not quite that simple, and if you can’t, you should probably practice on easier lessons first, for example, drawing tutorials on how to draw a dog. See you on the pages of

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