How To Draw Eazy E Step by Step

How To Draw Eazy E easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and all.

How To Draw Eazy E

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

To draw Eazy-E, we should first sketch some basic building lines. Use a 2H pencil or harder and draw very lightly so that the lines are easy to erase after we ink. Outline the basic shape of the head, neck, and upper shoulders. We’re working with a 3/4 view, so he shouldn’t be facing us directly. Remember to draw diagonal construction lines for the center of the face, eyes, nose, and mouth. He’ll be holding a pair of pistols across his chest, so draw basic hand shapes on his chest and outline the basic rectangular shapes of the guns.

Step 2

Usually, I recommend starting with the eyes first. But we’re going to make him wear sunglasses, so it’s best to start with the nose. Using your center vertical construction line as a guide, draw the nose up. He should have a round nose with wide nostrils.

Step 3

Next, line the lip line with the bridge of the nose. His upper lip and lower lip are about the same thickness. Make sure to draw lots of small creases on the lips as well as an indentation above the upper lip and a chin crease below the lower lip.

Step 4

Now draw the contours of his face and jaw line. He has a very rounded jawline but curves upwards at the back.

Step 5

Draw his left ear on top of the jaw line. At this angle, the base of the ear should align with the base of the nose. The top of the ear is on the construction line for the eye.

Step 6

Now let’s draw the sunglasses! Be patient and make sure that both lenses are the same basic size and shape. Remember to draw the curved nose in the middle. The arms of the frames should be facing the back of the head and resting on the ears.

Step 7

To make things more interesting, paint him with a Chicago White Sox baseball cap. At this angle, we can clearly see a large part of the underside of the bill. The “Sox” logo must be written diagonally in Old English font. Also draw the edge of his forehead below the edge of the cap.

Step 8

His neck is quite thick. The back of it starts behind his earlobes, the front of the neck starts at the front of his chin.

Step 9

Now draw the hair on his face and head. As for the hair on his head, we should be able to see some of the hair on the side of his temple sticking out from underneath the baseball cap. He should have long curls that fall at the nape of his neck, with the ends curled in different directions. For facial hair, he should have a thin mustache just above his upper lip, as well as a little short beard below his chin.

Step 10

Get to work before you undress him. Draw the bent left arm so that the forearm is facing up diagonally. The fingers should be clenched because he will be holding the gun. Be sure to draw the knuckles.

Step 11

Draw his right arm bent in the opposite direction, but below the left arm. At this angle, we will be able to see more fingers than on the other arm, especially the right index finger that is bent over the trigger. The other fingers will mostly be bent below so we can’t see them completely. Remember to draw small wrinkles on his knuckles, and don’t forget his fingernails.

Step 12

Now we can draw our guns! He should hold identical pistols in each hand. Use a ruler to help you draw straight lines. Imagine pistols in the form of oblong cubes with extras like scopes, hammers, and trigger guards.

Step 13

We can finish our pencil by drawing his shirt. He can wear a button-down shirt dress with a folded collar. There should be many folds and creases on his shirt, all flowing in different directions because his arms are bent. Pull a few buttons down the center of the shirt.

Step 14

Now that we’ve finished penciling the image, we can ink it out. Use a Micron marker or Indian marker and ink to do your inking. Carefully go through each line with patience and make sure not to smudge any lines of instructions. You should use the Mirror with the help of a ruler to make ink for the gun. Once the ink is completely dry, erase your pencil marks with a kneaded eraser.

Step 15

You can create a greater sense of depth in an image by creating shadows and blackening certain areas. Use a stomach pen or marker and ink to do so. Set up your light source and black out the opposite side of the shape. Remember to color the hat black except for the Sox logo and a thin white streak on the front of the bill. Paint the hair solid black. Fill in the sunglasses but leave a few white streaks on them for reflection. Shade along the creases of the shirt.

Step 16

If you need to edit, you can use white ink or white paint. You can also use it for extra accent if needed, such as on sunglasses. And that’s how you draw Eazy-E, yo!

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