How to draw Chibi Deadpool Step by Step

How to draw Chibi Deadpool easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Cartoon Drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How to draw Chibi Deadpool Step by Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Let’s start drawing Deadpool chibi from scratch. According to the tradition of drawing tutorials on chibi characters, in the first step we draw a round head and two lines intersecting on it.

Step 2

The second step of Deadpool how to draw chibi will also be the traditional step towards the chibi tutorial – here we need to outline Deadpool’s torso and limbs. Use simplest lines and shapes.

Step 3

Sketched eyes, katana tied in hand, pocket belt, and outfit contours. Deadpool chibi’s original sketch, the basis for future drawings is ready, and it’s time to get into details.

Step 4

With clear and bold lines, carefully follow the outer contours of Deadpool’s head and remove all unnecessary extra lines from that cute chibi head.

Step 5

Now let’s deal with Deadpool chibi’s body. Draw the lines of the dress on the chest drawing details on the hand and katana.

Step 6

Unplug straps and pouches on the belt. After that, draw the legs and shoes. Don’t forget that since we draw a chibi-style character, there shouldn’t be too many details or trivial things on the artwork. Deadpool chibi drawing is completed.

When drawing a chibi, you should have the following features in your mind that stand out. That information will be very helpful for you to make your chibi art more correct:

A giant child’s forehead;
Eyes large in size, dilated pupils, reduced eyelashes, large luminosity;
Only the tip of the nose is seen;
Mouth wide, lower lip is not indicated;
Round chin, plump cheeks;
The neck is very thin or not at all.
That is a tutorial on how to draw Deadpool chibi. Chibi lessons are very popular among’s readers, and thus we will create many chibi-style comic heroes and villains.


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