How to draw bugs bunny step by step

How to draw bugs bunny easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw cartoons for beginners and kids.

How to draw a bugs bunny

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by sketching the Bugs Bunny’s head. His head is diamond-shaped, round “corners” signify his forehead, cheeks, and chin. Use a series of short, connected lines to outline the face, giving it a feathered appearance.

Step 2

Extend a long curve from under the head and duplicate it back. This is Bugs’ belly. Chest contour uses a short line.

Step 3

Use the curves to outline the neck, arms and sides of the torso.

Step 4

Draw the foot by extending a long curve from the torso and duplicate it back. Note the overlapping curves that indicate the toes. Draw a curve on the top of the foot, differentiating it from the rest of the foot.

Step 5

Extend another long curve from the abdomen and duplicate it back to meet the top of the leg. This forms the other leg. Notice again the overlapping lines indicate the toes and the curve on the top of the foot.

Step 6

Use the curves to draw the far shoulders of Bugs and his fluffy tail. Draw a downward path next to the tail, denoting gray peaks and white bottoms.

Step 7

Extend a pair of curves from the body to form the arm. Then use additional “U” curves to draw the hand and the carrot in hand. Notice the small, “U”-shaped lines surrounding the green tree dangling from the top of the carrot.

Step 8

Details Bugs Bunny’s face. Surround the large ovals to form the eye, with a small, shaded circle inside each to indicate the iris. Use curves to outline the nose, open the mouth, crooked teeth and tongue. Finally, draw some curves extending from each side of the nose to show the beard.

Step 9

Draw the long ears of Bugs Bunny. For each ear, extend the two curves upward from the top and allow them to meet at a gentle point. Draw the inner ear by extending two more curves from the top, parallel to the outer lines. Allow these things to meet at a sharp point.

Step 10

Rabbit colored bugs. He is usually gray with a white muzzle, abdomen, lower face, arms and legs.

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