How to Draw A Taylor Swift Chibi step by step

How to Draw A Taylor Swift Chibi step by step for kids with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

 How to Draw A Taylor Swift Chibi Step by Step

Please take a look at the fun and full tutorial in the video below

You can learn how to draw simple drawings with the pencil below

Step 1

Start by sketching the shape. I recommend not skipping this step because this is a tutorial on how your drawing will show. A basic circle for the head, (do not worry it is not perfect) with a path though curving the way she will be looking. For my chest and hips I have formed a trapezium shape, one that has a wider base facing the shoulder and the other one connected to the hips. From the edge of wedge-shaped / hip-shaped I drew two lines down almost touching and meeting in two circles, then from there two lines less than half the length of the road you just drew.

Step 2

Now you start drawing out the body. From the “face” of the first round I began to draw the shape of the face. The lines here are not too curvy or too pointed, they are her cheeks. Underneath the circle and connect the head and torso to the neck that connects the chin. Using the rest of my lines as a guide I started to draw around them how I wanted to look at my chibi body. I like my chibis looking curvy and cutesy so I tend to insist on hips and thighs a bit. One last thing, do not worry about detailing the hand, getting a basic shape and outline of where the hand will be placed and the size.

Step 3

Start drawing your face details like eyes and mouth, maybe even the nose if you want, depending on you. My eyes are usually started by drawing eyelashes or eyelashes but I suggest starting with 2 ovals and then drawing eyelids. Do not forget your eyebrows! For the mouth I drew a straight line and connected a half circle under it.

Step 4

This step is where I draw hair. I use a lot of waves for my hair to create a slightly curvy and soft look. The head of my chibi hair / head was not at the beginning of the circle we originally drew at step 1, slightly higher. For this you have to judge how you want it though, I like my chibis with big heads. The background of the forehead line is not drawn but not too high. Half an inch or more on the eyelid / mi. Her hair is set up in ponytail style so keep in mind that her hair on either side is loose, almost like curved hair.

Step 5

Draw her skirt. The body of the dress should be close to her body from right up to her elbows. I pulled out some wrinkles there since she turned to the side a bit but they were very delicate. The rest of her dress flows and as you can see is held in one hand. Pay attention to the outline of the outfit and ignore the wrinkles identifying the ruffles so that you have an idea of ​​how to draw it. It has the effect of increasing and decreasing.

Step 6

In this step I took my hand out, shoes and microphone. Remember the basic shape of the hand we drew before? Use as your guide, when drawing hands and fingers really try to have in that shape. In this drawing 3 of her fingers are gripping the mic, plus his thumb, pinky is gently raised. When drawing finger, they should not be pointed and should also be curved like a sausage.

Step 7

This step is just more detail. On my eyelashes, I draw two small lines showing the eyelid. I also drew in the bottom lid / lashes on the bottom of her eyes. I decided to add some wrinkles to her dress based on the reference that I’ve seen but it’s totally optional for you.

Step 8

This is the last step where you remove all your rules, make your lines neat, and paint the color for her.

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