How to Draw a Scuba Diver Step by Step

How to Draw a Scuba Diver with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Grab some art supplies and follow along with these simple 9 drawing steps. You will learn the basics for drawing an underwater diver complete with a wetsuit, oxygen tank and scuba mask!

How to Draw a Scuba Diver

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step by step drawing guide below

Step 1. Sketch the head

Outline the diver’s head by first drawing a U-shape for the lower part of the face. Next, draw a small C-shaped line for the ear. Then, from the ear, create a downward curve to draw the top of the head.

Step 2. Draw the diving helmet

Draw the diving helmet by creating a curved line.

Step 3. Add a diver mask

Add a diver’s mask by drawing a bean shape over the eye area. Now, attach the strap of the diving mask by drawing a rectangle.

Step 4. Draw the oxygen tank mouthpiece

Let’s draw a diver’s mouthpiece and snorkel! First, draw the tube extending to the side of the diver’s head as shown. Next, draw the mouthpiece by creating two curved lines.

Step 5. Attach the body

Attach the diver’s body by first drawing the torso with a long, curved line upward. Next, add the oxygen tank by drawing an oval with four curved lines inside. Now, draw the legs by forming lines as shown.

Step 6. Add arms and straps

Let’s add the diver’s arms by first attaching two rectangles to the torso. Now, draw a hand on each arm by creating a circle with three lines. Don’t forget to draw the thumb by making a small curve. Then, draw the straps attached to the body as shown.

Step 7. Draw the diving fin

Begin drawing the diving fin by forming a triangle with a rounded bottom corner as shown. Next, draw the visible side of the diving fin by creating a curved line at the bottom. Then, draw three lines to add the small wings.

Step 8. Add bubbles

Add bubbles by drawing circles of different sizes.

Step 9. Complete the diver drawing

Complete the diver drawing by coloring the diving helmet and diving suit with a blue pencil. Next, shade the outside of the diving mask, tubes, oxygen tank, and diving fins with a yellow pencil. Shade the skin with a light yellow pencil. Don’t forget to color the inside of the diving mask with a dark blue pencil with white streaks. Now, color all the straps with an orange pen. Then, fill in the mouthpiece of the snorkel with a purple pencil. Finally, color the bubbles with a dark blue pencil.

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