Dory fish drawing in Real Life

Dory fish drawing in Real Life vwith this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw a fish easy for beginners and kids.

Dory fish drawing in Real Life

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

  Heather Rooney

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by drawing a line, slightly curved at each end. Therefore, start Dory’s face.

Step 2

Draw a curve at each end of the previous line to outline Dory’s face.

Step 3

Draw a long, curved line from each line drawn in the previous step. These lines form the top and bottom of Dory’s body.

Step 4

Draw an upward curve from each line drawn in the previous step, allowing the lines to meet at a point. This will make Dory’s tail.

Step 5

Draw two curves inward from the bottom of the face, allowing the lines to meet at a point. Then draw a short, curved line at the point where the other lines meet. This made Dory’s smiling mouth.

Step 6

Delete the guide lines from Dory’s mouth.

Step 7

Draw a curve from the top of the lower jaw to the middle of the upper jaw, outlining the inside of the mouth. Draw a curve parallel to the forehead rib.

Step 8

Draw a curve from the forehead, repeating in an inverted “S” shape on the body. The line should meet the lower part of the body near the base of the tail.

Step 9

Delete the guide lines from Dory’s forehead. Then draw her dorsal fin with two curves that meet at the circular points at each end.

Step 10

Delete the instructions from Dory’s fin.

Step 11

Fin details. Draw a curve across it, with several curves along the fin length between the base and the curve. Then draw a series of short, “U-shaped” lines connected on the fin. Extend the curve of the top “U” to reach the top of the fin.

Step 12

Draw a curve above Dory’s back, from the forehead close to the tail. Allow a straight line to a sharp point just before it reconnects the body. This line forms the dorsal fin of Dory.

Step 13

Dorsal fin detail with shell pattern. Do so by drawing a series of short, connected, upside down “U” lines.

Step 14

Draw an oval toward Dory, go behind the pectoral fins.

Step 15

Details of the tail by drawing two curves parallel to the tail lines. Allow lines to meet in a circular point.

Step 16

Point out Dory’s far chest fin by drawing a curve near her forehead.

Step 17

Dory’s eyelid details. For the lid close, draw a curve. From each end, draw a shorter curve, meeting the cap at sharp points. For the far flap, draw a curve extending from the face and detail it with a short curve.

Step 18

Draw the eyes of Dory. For each eye, surround an oval by drawing a long curve below the eyelid. In the eye, draw an oval with a smaller oval inside it. Draw a small oval between the two and color the smaller oval.

Step 19

Draw Dory’s lower fin with a curve and detail it with a few “U” lines.

Step 20

Dory color. A blue mourning, her body is often shown in shades of light and dark blue, with yellow adorning her tail and pectoral fins.

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