How to draw a Spearow from Pokemon – Pokemon drawings

How to draw a Spearow from Pokemon step by step easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw pokemon characters and coloring pages for kids.

How to draw a Spearow from Pokemon

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

We will start Spearow’s face with his beak. First, create a smiley pattern on the side (tilt to the left).

Step 2

Now draw the second part of Spearow’s mine. If you look at the red shape, in the figure above you will see that the bottom looks like a “V” upside down. So first draw backwards “V” then slightly on it makes a “U” upside down for the top of the beak. Then, connect the bottom part of the top of the red mine with curved slightly curved lines. Also create a line at the top right of this image.

Step 3

Now we will draw Spearow’s chin and eyes. First draw the chin … it’s just a small curve. Now we can draw the spearow’s eyes. Think of creating the big ‘V’. I draw pink lines to show you how the eyes may look like 2 ‘V if you try to imagine those lines. Complete the eye by making eyeballs. In the right eye, the eyeball is square with a white circle in the middle. On the left eye shadow is hard to see … it’s just a small rectangle.

Step 4

This section looks complicated, but each complex shape can be subdivided into a simpler shape … for example, at the bottom you will see a ‘bumpy’ V, and on the right you will see an ‘E’ of the capital and on that you will see the ‘M’ shape. Use your imagination and you will be able to draw it.

Step 5

Now create Spearow’s left wing. This is another complex shape that can be broken down into a few ‘U’ and one ‘V’.

Step 6

Now draw the right wing of Spearow. Make a big ‘U’ next to it and then make the smaller U tilt in the opposite direction. Also connect the wing to Spearow’s head with 2 small curves.

Step 7

Now is the time to start Spearow’s body. Draw a large ‘U’ with two slightly curved lines on the letter ‘U’. Also draw a small rectangle at the bottom of the ‘U’ for Spearow’s leg.


Now it’s time to paint Spearow’s leg. Right foot looks like upside down, bubble ‘Y’. The left leg looks like a ‘T’ upside bubble. Just a few more details, such as Spearow’s nails, look like triangles upside down.

Step 9

Now you just delete the lines that you do not need and sketch the lines ‘right’ with the pen or marker. If you have trouble finding the lines to delete, then refer to my drawing (above) for help.

Step 10

Use watercolors, colored pencils, colored pencils, colored pencils, or pastel spears and you will have a great Venusaur to show off to your friends.

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