How to Draw a Restaurant step by step

How to Draw a Restaurant with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Draw along with these basic 9 drawing steps. You’ll learn the basics for drawing a restaurant.

How to Draw a Restaurant

Please see Restaurant drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to Restaurant simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1. First draw the restaurant sign

First write the word “RESTAURANT”. Next, create the outline of the restaurant sign as shown.

Step 2. Add a serving tray on the sign

Let’s add a serving tray to our restaurant sign. First, draw a dome-shaped cover. Next, attach the lid’s small handle. Then add the oval tray.

Step 3. Forming roofs and walls

Start by drawing a large rectangle to outline the walls of the restaurant building. Next, draw a thinner rectangular strip to form the base of the roof. Then, attach a trapezoid to draw the top part of the roof.

Step 4. Sketch the window

Draw a rectangle to outline the window.

Step 5. Attach the door

First, draw the rectangular outline of the door. Next, add a smaller rectangle shaped like a cross. Then, draw a small, round doorknob.

Step 6. Start forming the Sandwich board

Let’s add a sandwich panel to the front of the restaurant. First, draw a V-shaped outline. Make sure to erase the wall sections that overlap the sandwich board.

Step 7. Draw the front of the sandwich board

Now, draw the rectangular front of the sandwich panel. Add a smaller rectangle in the middle. Don’t forget to shape the small legs of the board similar to the illustration!

Step 8. Add the back of the sandwich board

Draw the back of the sandwich panel by adding a line as shown.

Step 9. Complete the restaurant drawing

The restaurant just needs a little color to be ready to open! First, use a dark brown pencil to shade the door, sandwich panels, window frames, and the top of the roof. Next, use a lighter brown color to color the base of the roof and the middle of the sandwich panel. Now, use a light blue pencil to color the window frame and the glass on the door. Then, use a yellow pencil to shade the doorknobs and restaurant walls. Use a light gray pencil to color the serving tray. Finally, color in the restaurant sign with a cream colored pencil.

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