How to Draw a Match Step by Step

How to Draw a Match

This tutorial shows how to draw a lit match in just five steps. It gives a simple breakdown of each part along with an explanation for drawing them.

In this example, it would be a rather traditional looking combo with a wooden shaft. You can see a preview of the illustrations with the steps in the image above. Overall, this is a very simple tutorial that may be easy enough even for complete beginners.

We recommend starting with a pencil and drawing light lines that are easy to erase in case you make a mistake. You can darken them once you have outlined all parts of the match.

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1 – Draw the axis of the joint

First draw the axis. You’ll want to make it long and thin (like joint shafts in general). Define it by two parallel lines joined at the base by a slight curve. To open the top for the joint head will be added in the next step.

If you have trouble drawing long lines, you can use a ruler to help you.

Step 2 – Draw the head

At the top of the shaft draw the joint head. Make it a little wider as it goes up and give it a rounded end at the end. You can define the split between it and the shaft with a short cog.

Step 3 – Draw the flame outline

Around the end of the match draw an outline of the flame. Its shape is a bit irregular so you can see the provided example for reference. Make it wider at the bottom and narrower as it goes up with a slight split at the top.

Step 4 – Draw the Inside of the Flame

Inside the outline of the flame in the previous step, draw its interior. Give it a similar shape but without the split at the top. Also, try and keep its outline as light as possible so it’s barely visible.

Once done with the flame, you can darken your lines by brushing over them with a black pen or marker. If you don’t have one by your side, you can simply do it with a pencil. However, do not darken the lines around the interior of the flame (shown in blue).

Step 5 – Color accordingly

How to Draw a Match
Once you have reviewed your drawing with darker lines, you can color it. An easy way to do this is with markers and/or colored pencils.

Simply follow these:

  • Light yellow/brown for shaft
  • Dark brown color for matchstick tip
  • Red/orange for the outer part of the flame
  • Yellow for the inner part of the flame

As you can see from the example, you don’t need a border between the red and yellow parts of the flame because not having a border there will make it appear lighter and more like a real flame. If you defined the split between the two with a very light pencil line (as suggested), it would blend quite a bit into the color.


Because the matchstick has a fairly simple shape, this is a very easy tutorial. Hopefully you don’t have any issues with tracking.

As has been suggested if you find it difficult to create long lines, you can use a ruler to help you. However, if you want to improve your drawing, you’re better off trying without.

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