How to draw a Horse with Pencil

How to draw a Horse by Pencil with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animal Drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How to draw a Horse with Pencil

So in this blog post you have to make a horse sketch drawing in pencil. It is very easy to draw a horse. So in this blog post you have to draw a horse in pencil. It is very easy to pull a horse. You will have many good horse pictures in your childhood. Then you will understand this drawing quickly and easily. I will explain this post to you with the same instructions as all articles.

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step: 1 First draw the structure of the horse

Horse Pencil Sketch

Friends, you have to set up the structure of the horse to create a pencil sketch. For that, you will first have to male an oval consisting of two circles and a bit in the middle of the circle. And have to draw for one end of the circle. And after drawing a small circle for the face, let’s make a joint for the head and face circle. Then give the head circle a joint for the neck from the first circle made at the start. Furthermore: give structure to both legs. Then, by shaping with the help of the circle and oval of the head, create the waist and belly of the horse from the well. And you will have to fix the structure of the hind legs, tail and hair of the horse’s head. You must prepare this structure properly. Because your entire sketch depends on the structure itself.

Step: 2 You have to draw Horses

So friends, now that you have been told this step, the entire horse must be created with the help of the horse’s structure. First of all, you have to draw the horse’s ears. Then must adhere to the nose and mouth to create the overall face. After that, the eyes will need to be created using the curl of the hair. Now you have to make the foreleg completely right. And you have to draw the right lines on the stomach. Then make both legs back, making the tail more beautiful. With this, your horse will be done. To complete this drawing, you must carefully read the next step.

Step: 3 Now your sketch is finished

Horse Pencil Sketch

This is your final step, properly shading the horse is done during this stage. After shading, this pencil sketch of your horse is completed. First of all, you have to complete the hair sketch while sketching the horse’s face. Behind the face, you will have to shade your front legs, abdomen, hind legs and tail. The process in which you have created a horse in your second step, in the process you have to shade the entire sketch. You were also given a step-by-step image and a tutorial video to edit the sketch. With anyone’s help, you will be able to very well prepare this sketch. I hope you’ve enjoyed this sketch.


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