How to Draw a Gopher Step by Step

How to Draw a Gopher with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. his easy gopher lesson is perfect for fairly beginners looking to learn how to draw.

How to Draw a Gopher

Please see Gopher drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to Gopher simple step by step drawing guide below

Step 1. Draw the muzzle

First, draw the bumpy shape of the gopher’s snout. Then, create three straight lines on either side of the muzzle to add whiskers.

Step 2. Add eyes and nose

Add the kangaroo’s eyes by drawing two circles. Now, create a semicircle to form the nose.

Step 3. Draw the front teeth

Use a pencil to draw the gopher’s front teeth by drawing two rectangles.

Step 4. Sketch the body

Outline the gopher’s body by drawing a line similar to the illustration.

Step 5. Attach the forelimbs

To draw a gopher’s forelimbs, first draw two long lines. Then, attach a zigzag pattern at the bottom to form a claw.

Step 6. Sketch the abdomen

Outline the gopher’s abdomen by drawing a curved line between the front limbs.

Step 7. Attach the ears

Attach the gopher’s ears by making a V-shaped line on either side of its head. Then, draw a curved line to form the ear flap.

Step 8. Draw a hole in the ground

Draw a hole in the ground by forming a horizontal shape as shown. Next, draw some grass growing around the hole by creating pointed shapes.

Step 9. Complete the Gopher drawing

Bring your drawing of a gopher to life by adding a little color! First, color the muzzle and belly with a yellow pen. Use a brown pencil to color the nose. Next, fill in the front teeth with a white pencil. Now, shade the eyes with a black pencil and add some shine to it with a white pencil. Don’t forget to color the inside of the ear with a pink pen. Then, shade the rest of the kangaroo’s body with an orange pen. Finally, color the hole in the ground with a brown pencil and the grass with a green pencil.

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