How to draw a girl wearing winter cap for beginners step by step || Pencil sketch

How to draw a girl wearing winter cap for beginners step by step


Hello everyone, welcome to today’s blog post. Today’s post is great, hope you all will enjoy it. Guys, I uploaded two posts yesterday, if you want to see, there is a Latest post in the sidebar, by clicking on the word, you can access the following post. By the way, this drawing video is the tutorial below so you can help in making this drawing. By the way, you must have understood by looking at the thumbnail and title of this post what I provide in this post, then let me tell you that in this post I provided the drawing Girl to all of you, in which I will explain to you all how to draw Girl by pencil.

Watch in the following video tutorial

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1:

At the beginning, we will draw the hat of the cute girl who is drawing. So we have to draw two curves to make the cap. Then we will join them together to draw curves.

Step 2:

Now, we also draw the bottom of the hat with very light markers. Then sketch out the design of the hat using light and dark lines. Finally, let’s draw on our hat, tracing the weft lines. It’s still a quick move to incorporate a few pale shades – draw a knit hat. It’s a lesson example where we end up with an effective drawing with clear, very light lines.

Step 3:

Start by creating a diagonal line through the center of the drawing field. In this case, the length of the head, neck and top of the arms will be long enough. This sketch is intended to be used as a reference to ensure that both parts between the entire head, neck, and shoulders are equal except for the size. It will also help create space between facial features and their placement. The two lines back and align with the midline from the bottom half of the disc. It can then be changed to curves and then take much more subtle angles to meet the jaw curves.

Make the neck relatively thin and quite long relative to the shoulders. It may gradually move into the arm muscles and then move to the shoulder. It will be very helpful if you continue to draw the hairs after you have shown all the expressions on the body. We’re going to give her a pretty haircut, to emphasize how cool the character is. You’ll find it divided into side, front, back and top sections when styling for more information and illustrations of other haircuts.

Step 4:

As seen in the examples above, the forehead can be split in half to position the pupil. It helps if you set your eyes below this midpoint for the “cute girl” character. To be “cute,” widehead adds. Whenever eyes are drawn, they are closed moderately with dense top brows.

During that time, you can clearly outline the basic outline of the eyes without showing all the specifics, such as the eyelids. The nose is located just above the halfway line seen between the center and the horizontal plane of the chin. Next, draw the nose near a narrow oval with a slightly straighter side near the center of the forehead.

The face of the chin will be halfway between the bridge of the nose and the base of the chin, where the lower lip is — making the mouth narrow and slightly curved down. It is important not to create a spiral too far, otherwise the character will have a bad appearance.

Step 5:

Draw the “left” side of the hair. For this scenario, these would be two very long “clusters” starting on the forehead and ending just below the shoulders with such a set of dividing lines. Start making them maybe slightly angled, as if people were touching the head and face, and even more prominent in the direction of the lower part. Finally, create the entire front part of the scalp, hidden under the center of the hairline.

Step 6:

In Sixth we are adding more details in sketch of cute girl drawing. So we follow the same technique we used in the previous step to draw the left hair sections of the pretty girl. So we draw some curly lines to make the right hair of the anime girl.

Step 7:

In the last step, you should draw all the small details until you have finished sketching the hair and positioning all the facial features. So, in the coloring pages of pretty lips, we’re going to bring a pale pink color. Then, simply cast shadows in the most common areas, you should add a drop shadow. Small shadow on eyelashes. Small shades behind the eyelids. Slightly shaded, full of shady ears on one side of the nose. Finally, the inner part of the forehead and collar, and the hair on the sides are completely dark. As explained at the beginning of the tutorial, female anime characters are always lovable by nature, so characters that are meant to be gorgeous can be difficult to draw. However, it can help to build such an individual using the measurements and facial positioning in this lesson.

It contributes to the “cute” look to the big eyes but is a bit smaller making it look much more polished. The wide eyes along with the gradually tapered mouth give just a bit of a “real” look, like a king or a high-class man. At the same time, it is a normal and ordinary language. We are still adding lessons on how to draw people and objects for cute girls. Great for beginners and professional creators. We have customizable tutorials that allow you to recreate and refine our sketches, including brand new artists!

Looking at this pencil drawings, you might think it might be very difficult to draw it or how it will be done, then I will tell you that this drawing is easy if you watch the tutorial video. This drawing you will also see this drawing will look very easy. To make this drawing you will need a pencil named DOMS (ZOOM ULTIMATE DARK), I hope you all have understood at this point. There are other materials that if you use it to draw this picture, you should be able to do this painting very easily. You can use this Material Paper, Paint / Makeup brush & sponge instead of this blended stump.

I have already told you all this information, now you just need to make this drawing, if you want, for that I also provide the video tutorial for you, given below, with the help of you, you can make this drawing without any confusion. If you still have any confusion then you can message me or comment on our contact page.

Companion, you should share this exercise tutorial video to the extent that you can expect, and moreover my article, below is the coupon capture section by squeezing it. Watch the full video of this tutorial as you won’t have the option to create this drawing until you watch this tutorial. If you haven’t seen any point in this post yet, at that point you can comment or you can message me by contacting the Contact Us page on my blog.

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