How to Draw a Ferrari 458 Italia Step by Step

How to Draw a Ferrari 458 Italia with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Car drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw a Ferrari 458 Italia Step by Step

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

To create a realistic Ferrari drawing, we need to draw it main lines. So let’s take a pencil and use very light lines to draw the contours of our sports car body.

Step 2

At the front outline the headlights. They are long and angular. On the sides of our Ferrari bodywork outline the rearview mirrors. In the lower part draw wheel arches and wheels.

Step 3

The main lines of the Ferrari have been taken. Starting with this step we will draw the details and make the lines complete. As always, we start with the front end and draw out the grille with the signature mustache.

Step 4

Move a little higher and pull the hood out. The contours of the hood should be very smooth and slightly curved. Next draw the headlights in contrast to the contours of the hood which should be very angular and straight.

Step 5

Let’s move on to the front end of our Ferrari. Here we draw the roof. Notice that the lines of the roof and windows should be very smooth in the same step we draw the mirrors.

Step 6

Move a little lower and draw the side of the car. Here we need to draw the doors, handles and side trims of the Ferrari. Don’t forget to remove all the instructions on the bodywork.

Step 7

This is probably one of the most complicated steps of this tutorial, as here we need to draw the wheels and arches. The complication lies in the fact that the wheel should be as round as possible, without curvature and misalignment.

Step 8

And we continue drawing tutorials on how to draw a Ferrari 458 Italia. In this step we need to draw the contours. Different cars have different rims. And you can draw the rim in our example or choose your own rim style.

Step 9

Ferrari 458 Italia drawing is almost completed. It’s still just to add shadows to our artboard. Add shadows to the least-lit areas of our artboard using the bloom feature.

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