Goofy Drawing Easy Step by Step

Goofy Drawing Easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw cartoons for kids and everyone.

How to draw goofy

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Step 1

First of all, let’s choose a pose of our character. In our example, Goofy is standing with his arms and shoulders raised. Next, using light lines draw an oval of the head, spine, shoulders and limbs.

Step 2

Now let’s give a volume to Goofy’s body. Now let’s give a volume to Goofy’s body. The first thing we did, we drew Goofy’s elongated body, long arms and legs. Draw hands similar to gloves and elongated feet.

Step 3

Here we start working with the head of Goofy. We have to draw the mouth, the upper part looks like the letter W and the lower part looks like a curve.

Step 4

Here we continue to work with the head of Goofy. Using an oval, we draw the nose, using two squares we draw the teeth. Next, draw the eyes in the form of two long ovals joined together. Draw eyebrows and pupils.

Step 5

Continue the lesson on how to draw Goofy. Here we draw the hat, which consists of two parts. The lower part resembles a cylinder extending upwards, and the upper part resembles bone.

Step 6

In this step, we finish working with the head of Goofy. First, we need to remove all the instructions from the head. Then we draw the lines of the head, as in our example. Draw three strands of hair above the eyebrows and add a few wrinkles on the nose and chin.

Step 7

Continue to Goof’s body. First, sketch out the contours of the famous waistcoat, then draw the cuffs and waist. Add some creases and delete the guides.

Step 8

Here we draw Goofy’s arm. Draw cuffs on wrists, add creases on chelidon. Then we draw fingers, similar to sausages. Also don’t forget to finish our Goofy’s ears.

Step 9

In the finishing step, we draw Goofy’s legs. Draw wide and short pants like in our example. Add some folds to the pants. And at the end of this step, we draw Goofy’s famous shoes. Draw the contours, draw the base, add some folds.

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