Beautiful Girl Drawing easy Step by Step || How to draw a Girl Face

Beautiful Girl Drawing easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw a Girl Face  for beginners and everyone.

Beautiful Girl Drawing easy Step by Step - How to draw a girl face

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

What’s different on a girl’s face – a teenage face – and the face of an adult woman? It’s a really hard question, but here are some suggestions, as to how old you can show in your picture, how old is your character. So the size of the eye shape is always the same, it does not change, as a girl grows up. But a little girl’s face is round, and as she gets older, her face shape will (in general) change to an oval shape. A child’s nose is upturned, and its mouth is smaller. As a teenager grows up, the size of their facial parts does not change, but she has a more characteristic (and of course, more wrinkled) face as well.

Step 2

So, after surgery and difference, here is the character development from child to teenage on the left side. Those are just a few examples so you can imagine how you need to follow these with your character. BUT! Their development is not general things. As you can see on the right side, I swap out teen faces. Why? When you see these developments, don’t you see, that they had more interesting life stories? Yes, of course! Why change a “little princess” into a punk teenager? Maybe she had a shocking memory? So, you don’t have to adhere to general things. If you want an interesting story for your character, flip everything from top to bottom! 🙂

Step 3

Here are some examples of truly childish emotions, because the child does not have a face like a statue. They are always in motion and spinning, so they have a really real and continuous imitation.

Step 4

If you do not know what hairstyles, what the little girls wear, you can see some examples here.

Step 5

Here are some additions to little girls’ extras. You need to know that they really like bright, colorful things, what they also like to wear.

Step 6

If you don’t know what hairstyle represents a real teenager, here are some examples. You know, this is a time in human life, when teenagers have a really, really bad time. Therefore, most of them have hairstyles, hairstyles that are not fussy or / and too fashionable.

Step 7

And the last part of the sub pages, the teen sub-articles. As I wrote for the hairstyle, it’s also true here. Teenager additions are fussy and fashionable, but they also try to show their individuality. This is the moment, when the person takes the tack

Step 8

Let’s start with the “How to draw a girl’s face” section! Now, start drawing the baselines. This is very useful, you can draw the basic shape of the face. Draw the main axes of the face, the brow line, the eye line, the nose line, and the mouth line.

Step 9

Draw her face shape and start the front hairline. Draw the eyebrows, this is the beginning of drawing the face.

Step 10

Now, draw the basic shape of the eyes. They are not circular and not oval in shape, they resemble two almonds.

Step 11

Draw the iris shape of the eye, and start the main lines of the nose and mouth!

Step 12

Now you can draw the two main lines of the mouth (the up and down lines) and the nostrils of the nose.

Step 13

Finish off the nose and draw a small line for the eyelids.

Step 14

Okay, now, you come here to the end of drawing eyes. Now you can draw the pupil between the iris and some light circles. These circles are important, because they give life to the eyes.

Step 15

Draw the neck line and the front line of the hair too, what’s on the neck.

Step 16

You can start the next section, drawing the main baseline of the hair. In my photo, the girl’s hair was a bit tangled.

Step 17

Here’s the final step of how to draw your girl’s face: Draw hair lines, details in the original form of the hair, trying to create a mess of hair.

Step 18

You are done! Now go, and color her, as you like. I really enjoyed drawing this tutorial, I hope, you enjoyed it too. Well done, guys!



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