How to Draw a Fishing Pole Step By Step

How to Draw a Fishing Pole easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginers and kids.

How to Draw a Fishing Pole Step By Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Draw two long curves that meet at a gentle point at one end. This part of the fishing rod has many names, including fishing rod, fishing rod, fishing rod, and fishing rod.

Step 2

Draw an oval near the base of the pole. Then, draw a second oval, partially obscured by the first. Draw a curve through the second oval and connect each end to the first with a wavy line. This outlines the scrolls. Attach it to the column by drawing a real chair. Attach a small irregular shape onto the reel. Then, use two curves to surround another irregular shape between the spindle and the cylinder.

Step 3

View shaft details. Draw curves through the middle and around the outside of the oval. Then, draw the scroll handle, erase as needed. Draw an oval part and stretch a pair of “Z”-shaped lines from it. Draw a “C” shape at the end, then surround an egg shape.

Step 4

Hand drawn fishing rod handle. Draw curves around the base to outline the upper part of the handle. Then stretch two wavy, scalloped lines, and connect them with a curve at the end. Draw curves between a set of scalloped indents.

Step 5

Draw instructions, erase as needed. Surround a curve by drawing two “C” shaped lines across the column. From there, stretch a pair of straight lines. Connect them at the end using a large circle. Draw a smaller circle inside the first shape.

Step 6

Draw two more paths. For each one, draw two “C” shaped lines around the pole, then stretch the two lines. Draw the eyes of the paths using two circles per line.

Step 7

Draw curves between the guides and between the spindle and its nearest guide. From the guide at the top, stretch a long, curved “S” shape.

Step 8

Draw a string along the fishing line, erasing as needed. First, draw an egg shape and draw it with a curve. Stretch a curve from the top down and fold it back in half. It surrounds a narrow, curved triangle at the bottom.

Step 9

Draw a hook at the end of the line. Use two “U” shaped lines, connected by a circular section at one end and a triangular bar at the other. Fill a small circle at the end of the hook and tie it with a few curves.

Step 10

Color your cartoon fishing rod.

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