How to Draw Hot Air Balloon and coloring pages

Learn How to Draw Hot Air Balloon and coloring pages with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

How to Draw Hot Air Balloon For Kids

Please see the detailed drawing guide in the video below

You can begin the drawing practice can refer to the simple drawing steps below

Step 1

Mark the width and height of the image. Sketch the shape for a ball and draw a large oval.

Step 2

Outline the general shape of the ball.

Step 3

Sketch the shape of the parts that the ball consists of. With the ovals, mark the bottom of the ball and attach the points to the rope.

Step 4

Display parts vertically with the help of smooth lines, retain the shape of the balloon.

Step 5

Draw the shape of the ball and add the rope carrying a wicker basket.

Step 6

Work on all shapes and numbers, more details.

Step 7

Contour, try to change the thickness and black of the line. Add some more detail and ground below the ball. Delete all instructions. Finally coloring is so colorful for the balloon as you like

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