How to draw harry potter cute and easy

How to draw harry potter cute and easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How to draw harry potter

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Learn step by step

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Dress look at the posture. The fringe (we marked it in red) of our hero is almost parallel to the broom line. We also mark (in blue) the shoulder contour. This line together with the line of the trunk forms a very sharp angle. How to draw Harry Potter step by step
The head looks like an inverted egg. But the tip is more pointed towards the bottom. The important point – the upper part of the head is located near the elbow joint.

Step 2

Okay, let’s create the outlines of the silhouette. And in this step we will work with the upper body. First draw the neck – a short cylinder is attached to the head. Then draw a hand.
If you don’t divide them into cells, you may notice that they look like cylinders, getting smaller in the direction of the palm. By the way, the palm protruding above the head seems to be the head of a snake. Draw the outline of the snake’s head and you can’t go wrong.
Don’t forget about the lines on the face – the vertical line is symmetrical, the horizontal line is the position of the eyes.
Also in this step we will work with the legs. The thigh (waist to knee) in each leg is longer than the tibia (knee to foot). Feet slightly pointed forward. The right knee outlines the ball. The right foot is large and wide. And finally in this step we should draw the outlines of Harry Potter’s broom.

Step 3

Ok that’s drawing tutorial from and we draw Harry Potter step by step. It seems that this step is very simple. This is the truth. However, a mistake in this step can distort the whole picture. First, let’s draw the hair. Do not forget – the hair should be drawn in the direction from the roots to the ends. Then you should draw the contours of the eyes and glasses.

Step 4

In this step, we will detail Harry Potter’s face. Pay special attention to the position of the pupil. The position of the pupil depends on the direction of the character’s gaze. Do not forget to draw the legendary scar in the form of a lightning bolt, located in the middle of the forehead.

Step 5

We now have a sketch with a detailed face. In this step we start to shred the torso and arms to get this photo:
Then you should draw the final contours of the left leg (from us). Also in this step, we should detail Harry Potter’s broom.

Step 6

The final step is to draw the shadows. We have a sketch of Harry Potter and it is an example of how to draw in a comic style, so the shadow will be drawn very simply. This phase is best divided into two actions:
Boundary drawings of shaded areas;
Apply hatching eggs.
As you can see, most of the darkness resides within Harry Potter’s body.

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