How to draw A Tap Water Step by Step

Hello everyone and welcome to We very rarely draw something about the interior of a house, and in this lesson we decided to revise it. So meet a drawing lesson on how to draw a faucet.

How to draw A Tap Water

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Take a pencil and use long and slightly curved lines to start drawing the faucet. Norte that the lines should be very smooth and light.

Step 2

A very simple step where we need to draw the base of the faucet. In our example, we drew a short base, but you can draw a different shape.

Step 3

Move to the nozzle and draw the handle. Note that we drew a classic handle, but you can draw any other shape.

Step 4

The general shape of the faucet is ready. Use very clear and dark lines to draw out the faucet making it nice and smooth.

Step 5

Add some shadows and glare. To make the glare realistic, draw lines inside the contours.

It’s a drawing lesson on how to draw a faucet step by step. We drew a classic faucet in this drawing tutorial, but you can draw a faucet in any shape and with any handle. Don’t forget to share this lesson and subscribe to us on social media.




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